The left-handed child

Almost all people on earth are right handed, and only some of them — others, not such, as all. They write and sew, eat and work with the left hand. So it is more comfortable, lighter, handier. But that’s why so worried parents noticing that their child is active with his left hand.

What it is fear of some real problems or just refusing to understand the child, the awkwardness of the fact that he is “different”? Often it is a misunderstanding of the situation, absurd prejudices, or simply ignorance.

We know about left-handed and a lot of… almost nothing. There are legends about fantastic ability and even of genius left-handed. But these are just legends. Equally unsubstantiated are with careful analysis and information about left-handedness as a pathology.

One thing is clear: the left-handed has always been not very comfortable in a right-handed world. How else to explain existing in different languages, different peoples and different cultures are negative meanings of the words left and left-handed? In Latin, Greek, French, German, English, and Chinese synonyms for the word left were false, illegal, awkward, clumsy, awkward, and even angry, mean, dishonest. Right and left always opposed, although it is possible that the positive (right) and negative (left) characteristics there is a negative attitude precisely to the left-handed person. Themselves symbolic of the ranks associated with the right and left, in different cultures separated by space and time, is very similar. So, the ancient Greeks associated the right with a limited, singular, masculine, calm, light, kind, and left with unlimited, many, feminine, movement, darkness, evil.

It is human nature a cautious attitude to everything that falls out of a pattern of universality. In our time, alertness, and interest, the desire to understand the left-handed and learn more about them, understanding natural differences is, apparently, the path of civilized attitude to the phenomenon of left-handedness.

However, prejudices die hard. “I the mind all understand, — explains mother left-handed the boy, understand that this is not a defect, but watch as he writes with his left hand, can’t.” The child really feels the attitude of adults, and especially mothers. Even if she says nothing, the kid will tell her look, facial expressions and gestures. A negative attitude is difficult to hide. The mother looks at left-handedness as well as representatives of the ethnic Yoruba in Nigeria, where the left hand is still called unfit, and left-handed is considered abnormal.

The negative attitude towards left-handed in our country has its own history. In 1924, Dr. A. Kapustin in the “Children’s left-handedness and education of the left hand” presented the results of a study of left-handers in a neurological clinic. His conclusion: “Among the left-handed kids can be quite normal in all respects,i.e.,to have good physical development and a high degree of talent, but most often (in about ¾ of cases), the Lefty still has degenerate”. The survey was conducted in the neurological clinic,i.e.among sick children, therefore, such a sharp estimate had no basis.

Unfortunately, views on the relationship between left-handedness and low level of mental development exist today, despite the fact that special psychological studies have proven them to be ineffective.

The desire to make a left-handed “like everyone”, “align” and sometimes even “harmonically developed” has created the problem of relearning. We have only in recent years stopped actively and forcibly re-educate these children in kindergarten and in school. All the rarer of the family, where the child teach the parents. Often, however, persist and grandparents. We will focus on the problem of relearning separately.

The main thing to understand and remember — retraining may not only create difficulties in today’s life of the younger man, but become a problem for many years.

Here is an excerpt from a letter to the woman who retrained as a child:”I’m left — handed, very stung by his paleochannel, which I soon perceived as “peredelnoj”. I lived with a feeling of inferiority, embarrassment for the fact that many do not, “all people”, and only after many years, got relief from thought, from the enlightenment: I — normal, with their advantages and disadvantages, but normal.”

Indeed, left-handedness may not be a barrier to success in life. We know a lot of great athletes, musicians, artists, doctors, journalists — left-handed.

In many countries since the beginning of the XX century not only retrain left-handed, but also try to create conditions for their normal life. It would seem, a trifle — scissors or sewing machine left-handed, but it’s not just facilitates their work, but evidence of attention to each person’s needs.

We do not yet have a clear and unambiguous answer to many questions about left-handedness. Haven’t opened the mysteries of its origin, we know very little about the psychological and physiological characteristics of left-handed people, but it is safe to say that left-handedness may not be the cause of some deviations in the development or reduction of mental and physical abilities.

It should be noted that the severity of pravorulki and left-handedness can be different. There are people who can work only the left or only the right hand. They are called “expressed lefties”, “righties expressed”. Someone who uses mainly one hand, but can perform the same actions with the other hand (the”unexpressed lefties” and “righties unexpressed”). There are those who are equally well perform any action, even very complex (including writing, painting, knitting, etc.), and right and left hand. Such people are called Ambidextrous (from the Latin. ambo, both, dexter — right).

Questions that often asked to meet the parents of left-handed children, the typical whether they are “different”, “special”?What is manifest these characteristics?Whether you want to retrain a child or should trust nature and give him the opportunity to develop as it develops, and to work with the hand, what is more convenient and easier?Is it true that left handed have extraordinary talents?Why lefties are so different?Why left-handed left-handed?How to determine whether a child is left-handed?

For these and many other questions we will try to answer fathers and mothers, grandparents, carers and teachers, all of whom care about these issues.

But most importantly, we want to convince the adults that the left-handed child requires special attention and a special approach, not because he is left-handed, but because he, like every child, is unique and individual. He should be calm and comfortable to live in a right-handed world, to accept this world as his and not as a stranger.

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