The letters of John F. Kennedy to Swedish mistress went under the hammer

Correspondence ex-President of the US and Swede Gunilla von Post was sold at Internet auction for 115 thousand dollars.

Former US President John F. Kennedy and the Swede Gunilla von Post led love letters in the early 50-ies of the last century. The affair between the President and a citizen of Sweden began in the time when Kennedy was not yet President of the United States and continued even after his marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier (approx. The maiden name of Jacqueline Kennedy).

The first letter of the number auctioned is dated June 1954 — Aug 1955. During this time, Kennedy and von Post met only once, in the 55th year when he spent a week in one of the oldest castles in Sweden.

“I borrowed it for a week, a beautiful week that no one can take away,” admitted the 78-year-old Gunilla von Post reporters during a press conference in mid-February, when it announced the auction.

For the first time about her affair with John Kennedy von Post told the world in 1997, when he published a book of memoirs, in which he told about their short-lived connection. However, the letters written to her by the US President, has long kept secret.

Love letters, the starting price of which was 25 thousand dollars, aroused the interest of collectors all over the world. After two weeks of trading 11 letters went to the American buyer.

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