The Prosecutor asked for Taisia Osipova 4 years in prison

NEWS. The Prosecutor demanded to sentence the activist “Other Russia” Taisiya Osipova to four years of imprisonment.

Taisiya Osipovais accused of drug trafficking. In December 2011 she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. After then-President Dmitry Medvedev said that the sentence is too harsh, the case was sent for review. The corresponding decision was taken by the Smolensk regional court.On cassation appeal to the verdict, the Prosecutor asked to reduce the period Osipova from 10 to 4 years.

Taisiya Osipova was arrested in November 2010. Her house was discovered the drugs in the trade in which she was subsequently charged. According to the defendant, the heroin she planted either operatives, or her friend at their request. That the drugs were planted, said the defense witness, who at the time of search was at the home of Osipova. His testimony, he confirmed when it was tested on the lie detector.Supporters of Taisia Osipova insist that the true purpose of prosecution is to put pressure on her husband Sergei Fomchenkova, which is one of the leaders of the unregistered party “the Other Russia” Eduard Limonov.

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