The remedy of woodlice: recipes folk remedies, a list of chemicals

A small creature is gray, covered with armour, with 14 legs and two pairs of antennae is a woodlouse. Crustaceans an animal appears in places with increased humidity: in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, cellar. What is the remedy for woodlice is most effective? As quickly bring uninvited “guests” from the apartment? A list of insecticides, recipes home remedies for the fight against pill bugs described in this article.

How to prepare an effective home remedy for woodlice?

Home remedies are not less effective in dealing with crustaceans animals than chemical drugs.

Popular folk remedies from pill bugs are:

· Boric acid solution;

· a mixture of hot pepper, tobacco and soda;

· quicklime;

· chlorine (white);

· salt.

Three bags of boric acid diluted in a liter of water. Ready solution is poured into a spray bottle and treat the places where woodlice. After the procedure for a day off the water for 24 hours.

Tablespoon hot red pepper, soda and tobacco pour a liter of boiling water. The resulting broth sprayed areas affected by wood lice. A day later, conduct a General cleaning.

Quicklime is an essential tool in the fight against the intruders. A bucket of lime, diluted with water, leave in the room for three days. After a time the bathroom (the kitchen) should be thoroughly ventilated.

To get rid of woodlice, you can handle the floors, the joints, the piping in the bathroom and the kitchen with an aqueous solution of chlorine (white). Then the premises are washed with plain water with added detergents.

Salt or concentrated salt solution helps to remove crustacean creatures from the apartment. Table salt sprinkled places where animals either treated with saline. It is recommended not to wash the floors for two days.

The best chemical remedy for woodlice in the bathroom

Insecticidal preparations from crustaceans animals are faster than traditional remedies.

Effective aerosols, emulsions and baits in the fight against woodlice:

· “Get”;

· “Varan”;

· “Tarax”;

· “Chabanel”.

“Get” is available in the form of emulsions and diluted immediately prior to treatment of the room, has high efficiency, harmless.

“Varan” is dichlorvos a wide range of applications, has a reasonable cost and convenient to use. “Trax” — a powder that is dissolved in water, the resulting solution is treated with slit, skirting boards affected by pests of the premises.

“Chabanel” gel bait, it is applied to the cardboard strips and lay in places where crustaceans creatures.

Whatever preparations for the removal of pill bugs, the best way to avoid them is prevention. Sealing of joints in bathrooms, WC and kitchen, maintaining indoor dry and clean will help prevent woodlice.

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