The star of the show “Mom”: you Choose a gynecologist-a man! met and spoke with actress Alexandra Bulycheva the star of the new series “Mom”.

Victoria, the heroine of Alexandra Bulycheva in the TV series “Mom” on STS, as well as an actress, not married, does not yet have children. I think that’s what they look like. In Moscow, Alexander loves to walk in the Gorky Park, but in the autumn the weather in the capital is unpredictable. It started raining and we went to a cozy bar.

“Gained 17 pounds”

The actress admitted that her greatest weakness is sweets. And while she will not eat any dessert, to find a common language with her is not easy. To the mood Alexandra not deteriorated along with the weather, we gave her an exclusive cake from the Moscow confectionery.

First time in my life they bring me a cake with my picture! was touched by Alexander.

You slim and allow yourself cakes!– I was envious.

– I have a terrible sweet tooth, can’t go a day without sweets. Better not to get in my way until I ate something delicious. But then I’m kindness (laughs). On the set of eat everything, while considerably watered all the dishes with mayonnaise to eat and certainly to go into battle with renewed vigor. The load is quite large, and everything is usually burned on the set. I’m actually inclined to corpulence, and how! When I first escaped to Moscow from under mom’s wing from his native city of Glazov, Udmurtia, for the first couple of months and have gained 17 pounds!

– And still speak – the hungry students…

– I lived in a Dorm, cook was able nothing, eat everything, what will be served. One classmate went – welled potatoes, the second one ate the cake, others dumplings imposed. After some time, make a new entry on the room… So quietly and gained weight.

– How to get rid of?

– I had to pull myself together, refuse pies before sleep, during sleep, after sleep, started to exercise six times a week, continue to visit the gym. Work on yourself has not been canceled.

– Know that you are thought to tie your life to professional sports. Is that so?

– I have a Junior level in athletics, I was very good at running, won in the competitions of different level. The coaches insisted that I go in professional sports, but I am grateful to parents who discouraged me to go further.

The actress jokes that it better not to get in her way until she ate something tasty / Dmitry Sukhodolsky

Why? It’s good to be the champion!

Yeah, but God forbid anyone to deal with the fact that we have survived our athletes at the last Olympics in Rio! People spend on these achievements all his life, working at the limit of human possibilities. You ask me what I had to sacrifice for a role? Compared to the Olympians – nothing! These people are the real heroes! This is a huge blow to prepare four years and to refuse to show their achievements. In his life most unpleasant? When doing a movie and put it on the shelf.

– Has it happened?

– Sometimes. We are all feeling sorry for ourselves, we are too lazy to lift my bottom off the couch to go to the gym, but look at the Paralympics – men found the strength to learn to live a new life, to walk, to move, to feel the load. They give me endless respect and admiration.

“Choose a gynecologist-man”

– Your heroine in “the Moms” – the doctor-androlog, you knew something about this specialty? Maybe you were helped by the experience of participation in the projects “Das ist fantastish” and “Ambulance men”?

– Needless to say, I’ve been researching about the profession back to understand how it differs from the profession a urologist, a sexologist and others. But our series is not medical, in-depth knowledge and profnavykov not needed. During the “hungry” student, I worked in television, and of course, this experience isn’t in vain. In the first season in one episode Anya (character Elena Nikolaeva. – Ed.) get into the sports bar and accidentally end up in the gents toilet. And here in my head surfaced information from one program that intermittent urination it is possible to determine that men prostatitis… Similar items I know a lot, they are deposited somewhere in the subcortex and sometimes even useful. TV show “Das ist fantastish” taught me endurance, in one of the issues I was jumping with a parachute. Flying at an altitude of 4,000 meters, is still a little visible at the end, it is necessary to speak the text. But if it is wrong to open your mouth, it begins to clog the air, and you can’t control my speech and the person who just breaks from the flow of air. Somehow I moved his lips landed well, because clearly followed the instructions. Once I even had to do “candle” on a horse, it was very scary and dangerous, but I was lucky with the horse – he did it for me, gently reared, so that means the circus bearing.

“During the “hungry” students, I worked on television…” / Dmitry Sukhodolsky

– You are not surprised when men become gynaecologists, and women in andrology?

Between us girls, if you choose, I’ll go to the reception to the man. The doctor-andrologist of course I was not. But it seems to me that men should be nicer at a reception at the women.

And if you were offered to become the leading in shows like “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova”?

– I realized recently that one should never say “never” to renounce something… don’t know what tomorrow will give you life. Today I answer: “No!” and tomorrow, perhaps, “Yes!” The same applies to sex scenes in movies can make them vulgar, vulgar, provocative and repulsive, and it is possible to remove beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

– You take doubles for the explicit scenes?

– During the filming of the series “time limit” I said, “I’m Sorry, I’m not ready to be in the form in which you offer”. I was given an understudy. But understudy, I was dissatisfied and decided to do all the work.

– That the understudy did wrong?

– Everything! It wasn’t what you need. Not the body, it is not well looked, the movement was bound and inorganically… I thought that this scene will ruin the rest of my work done up to this point.

“This summer I stood in the evening on the balcony and I saw a shooting star…” / Dmitry Sukhodolsky

Alexandra, please share your secrets of how you maintain your natural beauty?

– Play a great role choosing the right clothes, the right makeup. Actually, that’s all, but maybe someday I will have to do something, everyone wants to stay young as long as possible. I am ashamed to admit it, but I never went even a cleaning person. But I dye my hair, do manicure-pedicure. And of course, nothing can replace sport. Unfortunately, during the shooting period start feeling sorry for myself, reduce the number of classes, but still offer me the role of beauties, you have to keep yourself in shape.

– Do you believe in miracles?

– This summer I stood in the evening on the balcony and I saw a shooting star. I thought that, perhaps, it seemed, and there in front of me dropped another star. The first time I did not have time to make a wish, and the second time it happened.

– Wishes fulfilled?

– For many years I make the same wish, and gradually, in small steps it is. But I am waiting when it will fully come true, so in addition Trou outstanding, but because the shiny place on the iconic statues, throw coins in fountains. Often I go back to where he had left a coin or some thing.

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