The student from Tomsk to leave asks Medvedev for Russia’s destiny

The student from Tomsk, on the eve of the Victory Day of poprosite, Medvedevputin to resign in an open letter.

On the website TV2 may 8 published an open letter to Sergei Tchaikovsky, Dmitry Medvedev. Student of 11th grade of Russian classical gymnasium # 2 from Tomsk in the text of the letter asks the Prime Minister to resign.

“Though I quite young, but believe me, in my life, I’ve seen a lot, but the most important thing in a democracy – the peaceful transfer of power. Now in our country is not the best of times, and this is partly Your achievement of Vladimir of Putin” – writes Tchaikovsky.

The student from Tomsk emphasizes that the letter it was dated may 9: “This letter I write specially on the eve of 9 may. After all, this is a great holiday. Mr President, if You are a true patriot of his country, if You care about the future fate of Russia, I ask You to resign”.

It is noted that the Tchaikovsky works in regional stabilise Bulk

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