The Supreme court has confirmed the legality of classification data on the losses of the Russian Federation

November 10, the Supreme court classified the data about the personal losses, the Ministry of defense during special operations in peacetime.

On 13 August the Supreme court declared sanonymous of the President of the Russian Federation to classify the personal losses of the Ministry of defence in the course of special operations in peacetime, as well as a 10 item list of information constituting state secrets (“information revealing the loss of personnel, the Ministry of defence in wartime, in peacetime, in the period of special operations”).

The group disagree with the decision of the court, composed of journalists and asked the judge to appeal. According to the applicants, the recognition of this legal decree violates their right to free search, obtaining and dissemination of information.

As reported by “Interfax”, the Russian Supreme court on 10 November, finally upheld the decree of Putin. The appeal disagrees with the decree was rejected and the decision of the court of first instance came into legal force.

The armed forces believes that the decree of Vladimir Putin protects the information on the location, structure and operational situation in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, which is a state secret.

To test the constitutionality of the decree, only the constitutional court of the Russian Federation.

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