The tradition of the first wedding night

The tradition of the ancient Slavs and modern exotic traditions of the peoples of the world about the wedding night were neither chastity nor safety.

Let’s start with our Slavic roots. First of all, please refer to premarital sex. They are not just allowed in some villages (and until the early 20th century), moreover, there has even been the so-called “trial marriage”: that is, the bride moved to the groom, and the wedding along with the wedding celebrated only after the birth of their first child. The Church struggled with this, but without much success, the more that individual priests from the provinces themselves this sin. And there was such a custom for a very simple reason: the purpose of marriage is procreation, and it would be good to pre-check the “capacity” of the newlyweds.

Many curious ceremonies were accompanied by traditional wedding night. For example:

    At the wedding each of the invited men had to “poprinimat” to his bride, simulating intercourse, so that she knew what to prepare.
    Young often took off his shoes and stripped (but only to the shirt) father, older brother or boyfriend, then there is a witness from the groom.
    Although spouses and locked in a separate room, but all the relatives definitely were listening, and sometimes even peeping through the keyhole: awake eh young, instead of “work” on the marriage bed? However, sleep did not give them: knocked on the door asking if there’s anything – “most important thing” all night running around the house shouting obscene songs and ditties, encouraging more active “to mess up the bed”.

It’s clear that in such a situation, an inexperienced groom could make a blunder. And when the next morning he could not present evidence that deprived his partner of virginity (sheets, stained with blood deprived of virginity of his wife), he was given two more attempts. To men who have not honored in the conjugal act, found a temporary replacement – or an older relative or godfather, and even “proven” and reliable of the wedding guests.. wedding or even musician – the custom is flourishing in the remote Ukrainian villages.

In other villages do it even easier: put on the marriage bed to the young someone of the brothers-in-law (elder brothers of groom) , so that if anything helped youngest to “handle” the bride. This mess was created long before the current “moral decline”, porn and swinging, and our ancestors did not see there is anything shameful or indecent. All this is clearly incompatible with Christian morality, but Russia in its base and remained pagan. At least, so say eminent scientists who made the dictionary “Slavonic antiquities”, and even these experts cannot be accused of lack of patriotism.

The customs of other Nations:

    In some African tribes have a tradition: on the wedding night, the groom beats the bride two upper teeth. It becomes a symbol of marriage. Toothless woman are proud of their smiles, the free – shyly covering their mouths.
    In the Philippines the marriage is the custom of abstinence. That is, in the wedding you can drink and walk along with the guests without worrying that the baby, pumped the alcohol from the blood of parents, will be born defective.
    Some of the peoples of Mexico, Peru and Brazil, the couple refrain from sex for several weeks until the new moon. (With the same goal – to help the body cope with intoxication before conception).
    In Samoa, the first date night the youth must spend in a circle of sleeping relatives. To love each other? Please! But only quietly. God forbid you Wake someone up – beat of the groom.
    The exciting business are newlyweds of Macedonia. Their wedding night is in the fight for the top wedding trophies – a hat and boots. Who possesses it, he will be the head of the family.
    Fun fun all in the tribe to Bahutu that in Central Africa (Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda). On the wedding night it is forbidden to have sex – instead, the couple arrange scuffle. Ritual beating ends only at dawn, but repeated the next night, and so for a week. Night battles between the spouses last for as long as both do not understand: anger in the future against each other they have left. Deaths are extremely rare, but fights sometimes last for a week. In the daytime newlyweds diverge to sleep at parents ‘ homes.

Strictly speaking, the wedding ceremony has always considered the beginning of family sinless life. Life together. The only exception are a

living in the part of Kerala state, South India. The ceremony does not differ from a conventional Hindu wedding. But three days after her husband leaves the wife (at that time implied the possibility that the wife was impregnated by his seed). He can walk where he pleases. She can have sex with anyone, anywhere, to throw his lover out of the house. Now there was nothing like this. According to scientists, this custom dates back to the early matriarchy – and it would like modern fans of haphazard sex. Only Nayar for the education and maintenance of all children of the wife and her lover meets another, and “civilized” ladies ‘ man do not always have a habit of not only strangers, but also for their children to answer.

So if you do not go deep in hoary antiquity, when the Slavs, flourished polygamy, and in some places all men of one village had a common right to all local girls and later times, when under the influence of Christianity, the manners softened, the custom is very far from romanticism and chastity. It seems that we live in the most fit for family happiness era.

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