The U.S. Embassy in Moscow enriches a Scam?

New safety rules imposed by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in early September, came as a surprise to those who needed to visit the American Embassy. The list of items prohibited was expanded to cosmic proportions.

Impossible to pass even with the spirits in her purse, and suddenly the vial of toxic substances…

In connection with the innovations, which for most visitors to the Embassy were a surprise, the scenery around the Embassy has acquired a fun and informal kind, sometimes resembling VIP-dump. The fence was decorated with headphones, a lawn – variety perfume, chargers and other prohibited change. Her owners take after the interview. If never assigned.

But what about storage, you ask. It is, but only accepts cell phones. And only those, “whose dimensions do not exceed 3 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm.” And then “at the discretion of the employee of security service”.

– Exactly the same rules apply to all the diplomatic missions of the USA worldwide, – stated in the press service of the Embassy. – Russia was one of the last countries where the restrictions were introduced.

While innovations inspire citizens to various exploits and inventions. Witnesses said about the citizen who Packed my iPad in a bag and hid near the police box. Dug out whether and in what condition, is unknown. Also at the Embassy, you can observe cars with a cardboard sign “Luggage storage”. To use their services a few risk for guarantees that the camera can’t run away, gaining a sufficient number of gadgets, no.

– They are to blame – could you find out the rules in more detail before you go here, – said the driver of a “camera”. And closed the car window.

Apparently, the Embassy, introducing innovations that relied on the innate talent of the Russians. Break the website of the U.S. Embassy, we with great difficulty found information on prohibited items – link to a third-party resource. Although, it would seem that such things should be posted on the main…

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