Today is hug Day. Whether you want to cuddle with every guy you meet?

So I decided that once one holiday December 4 (International Hug Day) we’ve already missed, then certainly on January 21 this special day (National Hugging Day) must somehow be noted. From the beginning of the year to drink, eat and cuddle awfully tired, and here is an article about arms to write, I think, not bad.

This holiday was invented approximately in the 70-ies of XX century. He was coined by the students of Western European youth, and this is what little is known about its origin. Yet we know that on this day boys and girls concluded in its embrace each other without any intimate overtones. The fact that tactile touch increases vitality, contribute to the improvement of the body and so on, probably many have heard. But about who is nice anduseful to embrace, I think, is to talk separately.

For example, even in the celebration January 21to cuddle with allwho meet you will fall, it is at least silly. Especially because, according to psychologists, each person has their own space, which is divided into several zones:“intimate”, “personal”. A person who is outside of these zones, we are in no way concerned, but if he gets into those zones, we cannot remain indifferent to it.

“Cuddles” is taking place entirely in the intimate area, the boundaries of which do not exceed 15-45 see This area protected us as personal property. If the person is unwanted in this area, we begin to worry and straining his presence. None of this will happen if the person with whom we just don’t like to talk about, is in the personal zone: it extends to a distance of 3 meters.

In other words, the first thing to do when coming in contact with another person (including tactile), to know how our partner is up to it. Psychologists even have a specific test for this kind of definition. Okay, before we jump into the arms of the person first approach it to a distance of three meters (the social space), view will change his behavior or not. Now defile in the personal area (about a meter from the “unfortunates”). If the “subject” not nervous, his gaze becomes hard, and the breathing is shallow, then you can join in the “intimate” zone. If your partner and at arm’s length radiates joy and relaxation, so he had to you the most tender feelings, and now to merge with him in the arms of perfectly safe! Of course, this is very conditional, and I’m not, for example, walk around your friend circles, before hugging him.

But the question is the following. Now seems to have become “glamorous” smack and hug. It is widespread in show business, people of art. Why do people, in fact strangers, and sometimes even negatively to each other related, macauda and hugging? Maybe it was fashionable? Maybe so accepted and can not be otherwise? Probably this is also Western trends, as the holiday “hug Day”? (Although, if you remember Brezhnev… anyway, our people had never been against the “kiss”.)

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously, but one thing is certain:the interaction of two people is the interaction. If you feel the urge to open up to your partner, go through his intimate zone with the best intentions, and you sooner or later will be very open and embrace you fraternally and with love. Congratulations to you, heat you and good in all your areas!

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