Top 100 most desirable men in the world: Andrey Chernyshov

The actor called a sex symbol – he smiles modestly. He is credited with the novels – he is silent, neither confirms nor denies the rumors. He is the most eligible bachelor of the country, which is a dream of millions of women. Want to know what kind of girl does he like? Why do they call it a male entertainer? And how to treat it, if you come for dinner? The answers to these questions here and now.

Personal data

Sign of the zodiac:

Aquarius (born 3 Feb 1973).

189 see

92 kg.

Financial position:

the actor admits that doesn’t make money of the cult, it is easy to part with them, doesn’t like to save and counting. “Often I don’t even know how much I have money with me. Such as, for example, came out of the house without a penny – just forgot it. Well, got in the car, thought, diesel like there, in rehearsal, probably, feed…”

The housing problem:

housing rents. Bought the land, but there is still not built.

In the garage:

comfortable Lincoln.

Main achievement:

on screen, his characters were always tumultuous personal life, about his real nacionalnoj personal life he never does.

Men’s Hobbies:

Boxing. “I love this beautiful, intelligent sport. Interesting here is built on human relationships and reveals the characters. A good fighter, a talented person with a vivid imagination. Physical strength is certainly needed, but the ring still needs to think. But boxer, I can’t say. So, lover”.

Favorite dishes:

sushi and dumplings. “Sushi love because to me this food for the soul – easy, delicious. How many courses have tried – all very tasty, but the sushi does not compare. And dumplings like because their grandmother and mother used to make”.

Feature friends:

“I had a heart problem, – tells Rimma Solntseva, acting Theatre school. M. Schepkin. – Andrew learned, came, agreed with the doctors, took me to the clinic, called, controlled. It speaks of his human qualities… Good people is rarely easy in life, they are very demanding of himself and others. Andrei demanding, doubting, I don’t even know what a woman needs to be beside him…” Margarita Drobiazko: “He’s a good guy, but a terrible debater!”

indecision and unpunctuality.

Where to meet:

Moscow, Kiev, filming locations and tours.

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