Top 100 most desirable men in the world: Chris Hemsworth

What eats a “Viking God”? With whom he actually kissed during the filming of “Thor 2: the dark Kingdom”? What kind of women does he like? The answers to these questions you’ll know right now.

Personal data

Sign of the zodiac:

Leo (born 11 August 1983).

190 see

90 kg.

Financial position:

“Viking God” in the ratings

turned recently, and all thanks to roles in the films about Thor. His fee for shooting “Thor 2: the dark world” was 37 million dollars.

The housing problem:

rents an apartment in Los Angeles, where he lives not only with his wife and children, but brother Liam, who, incidentally, also an actor.

Main achievement:

father of many children.

Men’s Hobbies:

Chris is a frequent guest at the gym. This is not surprising because, to demonstrirovat your screen perfectly inflated figure, it is necessary to sweat. So he spends many hours at the gym at the gym. And enjoys surfing, Boxing, Jogging.

Favorite dishes:

meat, because Chris ‘ mother often cook meat dishes.

Feature friends:

his brothers Luke and Liam (both also actors).

Chris don’t care what he’s wearing.

Where to meet:

mostly in Los Angeles.

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