Topuria hooked on fast food

“I’m dependent on this food – can’t help with his overwhelming desire”

Attention to the figures of the singers from the group “Factory” is always consistently high. So Irina, Sasha and Sati have to work hard on their forms. However, this does not prevent them to enjoy the most of harmful food – fast food. According to the singers, moments of weakness come after a concert or recording new songs. – I sometimes allow myself something harmful, says Sati Kazanova. – Fast food is appealing because it can be eaten on the go and it doesn’t need Cutlery.According to the singer, her secret is that she’s not overdoing a diet, just a little less eating and more time on sport.– We all sometimes sin fast food, what here to dissemble by girlfriend Irina Toneva. But do not drink, do not smoke, possible run in the mornings, play sports, swim… It helps to lose weight.– As for me, – says Sasha Saveliev – you can eat burgers unlimited – after training at the rink I will not remain a single gram of excess weight.Savelyev admitted that he likes to treat themselves to chips, various crackers, sodas and other trifles, which you can eat on the run.Darya Dontsova, having stood turn, stunned the clerk at the cash register.– As you also eat with us? – were you surprised when you saw a famous writer.– Idea honey, I also eat cheeseburgers, answered Darya Arkadevna. – I’m worse than the average person?However, for such fun some of us have to pay health.– Food in fast food requires a minimum of time, – admitted to us Katie Topuria from the group A’studio. – I always buy a lot of food, eat to what to me then it becomes bad. Yesterday I ate French fries with cheese sauce, and today I was not myself. I’m addicted to such food – nothing to do with my overwhelming desire to eat all the cheeseburgers and hamburgers. While they know that such food is harmful for health.

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