Triangular love: 5 controversial novels of the Silver age

July 19 – the day of the birth of Vladimir Mayakovsky, the great poet, perfect, handsome man and a favorite of the girls. But here’s the paradox: the only woman he loved and simply adored all my life, never belonged to him completely. Lilya Brik many times was married, but not for Mayakovsky. However, unlucky in love and other famous poets: Blok, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva. What curse hung over the stage. About this – in an exclusive investigation of Woman’s Day.

Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lilya Brik and Osip Brik

Mayakovsky is known not only for poster poems about Lenin and October, but the genius and love lyrics, which could be bypassed’t met the poet on his way Lilya Brik. “Besides your love, to me there is no sun, but I don’t know where you are and with whom”, “I no sound is joyous, but the sound of your beloved name,” is a line from a poem by Mayakovsky, entitled “Lilichka! Instead of writing”. And such lines, addressed to a Brick, desperation, adoration, pain, pleas and promises, Mayakovsky wrote hundreds.

They met in 1915, when Lily was married to Osip Brik. The poet at the time was Dating the sister of Lily and Elsa appeared in the apartment of the spouses in Petrograd. I read them my poem “Cloud in pants” – and then dedicated it to the mistress. The feeling was engulfed in flames and captured Mayakovsky completely.

Lily was not a typical beauty, but her charm and magnetism conquered men at first sight. She shared with Mayakovsky, his passion, but kept the coolness of mind to part with her husband was not planned. Yes, and Osip turned a blind eye to what is happening. Mayakovsky dedicated his beloved poem “the backbone Flute” and gave her a ring engraved with the initials L. Y. B. (Lilya Yuryevna Brik), which evolved into “LOVE”.

Soon, Mayakovsky moved to the apartment to the Briks. Lily claimed: “I loved, love and will love Oshu more than a brother more than husband, more than my son. About love I have not read in any verse. This love did not interfere with my love for Volodya”.

However, there is another version of joint life of the Trinity: love Brik Mayakovsky locked in the kitchen, and he was “scratching at the door and cried.” You know Lily Yu many years later told the poet Andrei Voznesensky.

Then the poet and his “family” safely move from Petrograd to Moscow, where they have to change a few flats. The crisis in relations between he and Lily broke out in 1922. At the insistence of his Muse Mayakovsky lived separately for two months, who suffered and eventually wrote two poems – “About it” and “Love”. Lily Yu believed that experiences of this kind are useful for creativity, and in a sense was right.

“The chain will scratch the name of Lilina, and the chain will iscalau in the darkness of prison,” wrote the poet. But this is the “chain”, however, did not deter him from several novels – librarian Natalia, Brukhonenko, a Russian refugee, Tatiana Yakovleva and American Ellie Jones, with whom he has a daughter. Every time Lily thought it his duty to destroy the “dangerous liaisons”, to keep Mayakovsky’s marriage and return to his family. Moreover, he provided for her financially. During trips abroad the poet Brick threw his letters with requests to buy a “car”, perfume, stockings and dresses in the latest fashion. And she continued to bring to life the theory of free love.

Among her “favorites” were listed by the Deputy of the people’s Commissariat Alexander Krasnoshchekov and Director Lev Kuleshov. Attributed to her and the relationship with the security officer Yakov Agranov. Osip Brik, however, are not in a hurry to put an end to his personal life. In 1925 he met Eugene Sokolov-Pearl, which was at marriage until his death in 1945. All this time he continued to live with Lily Yurievna, Jack only came to it guests.

Mayakovsky shot himself in 1930, not finding happiness with his last wife, actress Nora Polonskaya. “Lily love” remained for him the love of his life. In his suicide note, the poet asked “Comrade government” to take care of his family: “My family is Lilya Brik, mother, sisters, and Veronica Polonskaya Vitalievna. If you can give them a decent life – thank you.” Later Lilya Brik was married to a big military leader Vitaly Primakov, and then – over literary critic Vasily Katanyan. The Muse of Mayakovsky committed suicide in 1978, taking a lethal dose of sleeping pills at the age of 87 years.

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