Unknown pages of the biography of Olga Zaitseva

That’s really the biathlon! Just finished one Cup and immediately descend for the next one. From Nove mesto in the Position, then to Holmenkollen, Kontiolahti and so on. When to relax at home? The schedule is harsh, no exceptions for anyone. Even for Olga Zaitseva. We have decided to go to her house and talk to the father of the famous women.

Alexey Zaytsev, military pilot, air force officer retired, in fact, has put not only on foot but also on skis three daughters, one of whom recently celebrated another victory at the world Cup. Well delivered commanding voice he forbids me to take off my shoes, and I am grateful to obey and go right at the doorstep on the white as a ski trail, carpet in the roomof Olga Zaitseva.

Alexei points to the empty chair beneath a large portrait of her daughter. However, wherever you sit down – to avoid the neighbourhood with a picture of the champion is absolutely impossible. Every corner of the small cosy rooms are equipped under the altar: cups, medals, calendars, ski with Mike in the frame, covered with autographs, in any location of the camera trophies out beyond the boundaries of the frame.

The first question that arises when looking at all these treasures: whom to thank? Or in other words, who was the initiator of that Olga found herself in big-time sports?

– It was completely my decision. I like a man of the military school, thought it necessary to instill in their offspring: a) ability to overcome difficulties; b) health. This is the basis of everything. In addition, I am the discharger skiing, so the question on the type is resolved very quickly.

– Time-consuming is still work, and time demands in large quantity. Spouse support you in this decision?

– Well, of course, was against it. She also importantly, to the daughter of the beauty followed. One task – to get married, the rest in second place. I had completely different guidelines. You see, I, like a lot of men dreamed of the heir. After two daughters, I thought: well everything, will definitely be following the kid. However, nature has decided otherwise – there was Olga. I had to cultivate courage in the girl. In the end, we see once againOlga Zaitsevaon the podium. Are you proud of? Of course, it’s nice that the daughter of such heights achieved, but I can’t say that the chest bursting. I’m not bragging. Yes and to whom? The neighbors know who grew up in this apartment. Congratulations on the wins at the meeting…

Oh, Hugo! Now I’m like dam that parasite! just before these words the room is filled with movement. A large gray cat suddenly rushed from the corner, attacking the leg of the owner. Wide threatening swing full enough to inglorious surrender. Olya loves cats, – continues conversation the fatherof Olga Zaitseva,because they help you to relax after stress, helps you relax.

Olga Zaitsevato these animals is noticeable even in the room interior. In addition to live Kuzi, here you can find some toy, photographic and embroidered felines.

Embroidery is another of her Hobbies. Since high school left.

From their living relatives to educational institution No. 629 to go about twenty minutes in a brisk pace – a truly champion training for the foot muscles. The school, which is a class of school №43, the theme of the ski beyond the physical education lessons.

Parallel lines slashed the surrounding area, the ski has been standing in the hallway, in the locker room, photos of athletes sparkle gloss on the stands, and even in the computer room, you notice someone lurking in the corner Atomic. Could there be another school, teaching the athletes? In 1988, one of these students became andOlga Zaitseva, who joined here after the older sisters. Since that time, the faculty has experienced a change of generations, and of those who enriched the knowledge of a future champion, almost no one left. Is that Tatiana S. Lazarev – the technology teacher, who instilled inOlga Zaitseva tolove to embroidery.

– First of all remember her ability to work, and excessive. Despite the pressure of competition and the charges she carried out all the work. I was ready to make an exception for her, but she came in advance and took the job in the trip. By the way, in other subjectsOlga Zaitsevaalso went to 5-4. Collected was probably because I was raised in a military family. This so-called rod felt in the team. No one is ever on it is not a joke, because she was confident. Confident and calm.

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