Ural reagents have made the streets safer

Thanks to the new reagents in Moscow streets became safer: halving injury, do not form sand storms and do not need to spend millions of rubles on the global rekultivatsii soils. Nevertheless, the dirt remains on the roads.

The reasons for the occurrence of such a situation, as usual, a few. First, in the capital comes a huge number of trucks. On their wheels is transferred to road dirt, soil and even turf. Repair crews, ripping huge trenches that leave behind polluted streets.

A huge challenge each year are the heaps of household rubbish. Environmentalists in 2011, he created a map of points of reception of recyclable materials, but now are forced to admit that this measure is ineffective. Organizations involved in recycling, working mainly with legal entities on a paid basis. And even implemented for several years the experiment on separate waste collection finally failed. The number of landfills increases, the pollution problem is not solved.

Great damage of ecology of Moscow cause the waste of large industries. Dirt, or produced by burning fuel mixed with mud in the streets, dirtying the shoes of citizens, vehicles and the roads themselves. This idea is also supported MSU Professor, a UN expert on chemical safety Valery Petrosyan: “Soil in the city is seriously polluted as a result of loss from the atmosphere of toxic substances with the snow and rain. They come from harmful waste plants, emissions of exhaust gases. And with snow falls more toxic substances than the rain. All of this is picked up by the wind, and depending on the prevailing winds sweeps through the city, the country, the planet. I call these vortices chemical satellites of the earth.” That is air pollution is the most common and catastrophic for such big cities as Moscow.

Several years ago, the danger to the environment was the icing and which, because of the large amount of salt killed the topsoil on the lawn. The result of dying plants and trees.

that apply in Moscow in the 2011-2012 season, are new high-quality blends that meet environmental legislation of the Russian Federation, – said the ecologist, the expert in the field of industrial and environmental safety Maskim Shingarkin. The materials satisfy the most stringent requirements of Russian environmental legislation. What can not be said about the materials in Moscow have used in previous years.”

This year the team protivogololodnych granite chips used marble. As noted by the head of the Central laboratory Rosdornii Yuriy Rozov, crushed marble is calcium and calcium is a component and a useful component of our soils.

But gadolini to cope with its main task – to melt ice. Due to the multicomponent nature of the new reagents, which produces “Ural plant of deicing materials”, snow and ice melt at the wide range of temperatures. “All Moscow immediately turned to in traffic, if we hadn’t used modern. In this case, would be formed snow nakat. Now, on the roads of the capital it is not. Of course, when a large snowy shaft, a few pauses, but with the use of anti-icing mixtures, the situation on the roads is restored,” – says the head of the gku “Directorate of housing and communal services and improvement of CJSC” Moscow Margarita Saberent.

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