VA-Bank. In Samara under the noses of verification stole another billion

The Agency on insurance of contributions will take into account the “double-entry bookkeeping” lost “Volga-credit Bank”. Who covers scams?

Sunday, March 15, victims of fraud “Volga-credit Bank” (PSC) gathered for a rally in front of Samara Palace of sports. It’s about 1,600 people — about half of all defrauded investors; however, the crowd looked impressive.

Ex-investors burned “Volga-credit Bank” unhappy with the prospect of never see the money hidden in a Bank of double-entry bookkeeping / Victoria Savitskaya / “the Source”

The majority of the attendees at the rally — retired. They have suffered the most:

— I have a little money was in the Bank, I was saving myself for the funeral, — complains one of the victims. We believed VKB: here the percentage was profitable and good reputation… did not expect that we are deceived…

Suffered and Novokuybyshevsk organization of the Council of veterans of the great Patriotic war, which was stored in a VKB 309 thousand for social assistance and health care to veterans at their funerals, gifts may 9.

In the midst of the rally, one woman became ill, she called an ambulance. Three more people died in January — as soon as I heard that their money is gone.

— A man was saving money for her granddaughter, and as soon as I heard what happened, he said: “what I will leave now!” and with these words he died — said “Interlocutor” member of the initiative group of defrauded investors VKB Lyudmila Fileva.

Office “Volga-credit Bank” in Samara looks like now / Victoria Savitskaya / “the Source”

By the way, Lyudmila also got a large sum:

— I had a contribution of 600 thousand rubles at 11% per annum, was planning to soon improve their living conditions and move with their two children into a new bigger apartment. In may, I took only part of the interest, to go on vacation, and the remaining amount left in the Bank. When the “VKB” went bankrupt, I instead of the original 600 thousand, with interest paid only 50. The rest I supposedly took the Bank’s securities were listed, but I did not take off. And this situation almost everyone says Fileva.

The story of a major fraud “Volga-credit Bank” was opened, when the organization went bankrupt. The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has begun to return to investors the money, but… not all. Revealed: a guide VKB led to the actual double-entry bookkeeping created the two registry entries, of which “insured” the only one, but depositors ‘ money from this first register was transferred to the uninsured (he was handed over to the Prosecutor’s office of the former Chairman of the Board Tatiana Eremkina).

This uninsured registry — despite the fact that all of the data and amount — of the DIA until recently refused to consider and pay him money to investors. Thus, the people received from the ASV only a small part of the money, and the remaining amount they had to pay only once get caught and convicted of fraud: four charged and two have already fled abroad.

The prospect of never to see their money Samartsev not pleased, and they moved to action: they began to write letters to the Prosecutor and the deputies, in particular Alexander Khinshtein, who is actively engaged in this case and even joined the expert group.

Sunday Khinshtein was in Samara and spoke at the rally:

— Depositors will be paid out of the funds in the pre-trial order in the presence of the document confirming the opening of the contribution and the specific amount, which today does not correspond to the official register (for instance, if you put 500 thousand, and the Bank is only shown 50 thousand) and in comparison with the data from the second register to join the criminal case as material evidences, — said the MP.

The rally gathered approximately 600 of three thousand deceived investors VKB / Victoria Savitskaya / “the Source”

According to the Deputy, soon to Samara will arrive the head of state of ASV Yury Isayev — to deal with all issues on the spot. However, it is still not clear how the staff of the Volga-Vyatka control of the Central Bank, conducted in December tested VKB, not noticed any major violations, nor the multibillion-dollar theft. Alexander Khinshtein sure prisutstvovala in the local CB: according to him, even while staff of the Volga-Vyatka control inspected “Volga-credit Bank”, credit institutions were abducted another 1 billion rubles. By the way, the Central Bank of Russia has promised the regional office of a large-scale test.

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