Bright star, Queen, exquisite woman. Her songs are touching and radiant, sincere and fundamental. Her work is the subject of deep interest and research. She is the light that illuminates the souls of millions of people.

Valeria biography

Since childhood for Alla became native cultural environment. Father and mother, Yuri and Galina Perfilova worked in the school of music in his native city of Atkarsk. Dad held the position of head, mother worked there as a teacher. Dad of the future actress, Yuri Ivanovich, died after surgery for stentirovaniyu heart vessels. It was in 2009.

And grandmother died when she had passed the age of 101. Survived by mother, Galina.

Alla Yurievna perfilova successfully graduated from his hometown school of music.

When the girl celebrated her seventeenth birthday, she was going to Moscow for further study. There perfilova has been a student of music Institute. Music and mastered the art of pop vocals. Mentors became legends of the scene, folk artists, singers R. F. Kobzon and Velikanova.

Rising star of the Russian show business in 1990 and completed his studies. And in 1992 held the singer will show the country their first child – a collection of recorded English “The Taiga Symphony”. It will know under the mononym Valeria. The author of the lyrics was R. Niles, music – V. Bondarchuk. But at the same time with the English project, the singer wrote the first Russian album, called “Stay with me”.

One of the initial steps on the career ladder artist began her performance in the musical competition for young talented soloists. The fate of the girl, already singer, prolific was 1992. He gave a rising, budding star Valerie victory in the TV show “Morning star” and superiority in the international project “Bratislava lyre”. In Latvia at the same time she received the award for “Jurmala”. Alla became the owner of the title “Person of the year”.

A year later, in 1993, the talented singer began to work on recording the next (second) collection of songs. A significant contribution to her album was carried out by Alexander Shulgin, at the same time husband and producer Alla, author of texts for songs. Three years later, Valeria opened the country “My Moscow”, which gained quite a lot of popularity.

1997 in the singer’s life was marked by a new project “Name, part 1”. From 1996 to 1998 – a period of teaching at the Gnesin music school, but without leaving the stage.

The year 2002 became a symbol of the unexpected departure of Valerie from the festival world stage. The reason was straightforward – the conflict of opinion with her husband-a colleague of Alexander Shulgin. The artist returned to his hometown to parents.

A year later, in 2003, the old contract the singer was dissolved by the court and literally in a short time found another promising producer –

Joseph Prigogine

. Valery Yu returned to past activities on the stage. It was marked by her appearance on MUZ-TV – 2003.

And autumn was presented next album, which received the highest success ratings in comparison with the earlier work. This was one of the most compelling reasons to obtain the artist in the 2004 MTV Russia Music Awards MUZ-TV and “Golden gramophone”.

Many popular brands have chosen the successful star as the face of their companies. She owns a line of fragrances and jewelry DeLeri.

The year 2005 was marked by the awarding of the singer the title of honored artist of the Russian Federation.

It appears at the 9th place in the Forbes list of the 50 leaders – Ministers of culture and sports of Russia. A year later, in 2006, Valery Yu tries himself in the literary sphere: produces in light a book about his life and work “And life and tears and love.” Circulation 200 thousand

Following the publication of born next album “my Tenderness”, after which the singer went on tour at home and abroad. Later, the singer announced his intention to shift to the West, confirmed that in 2008 a collection of “Outof Control” worked with ray St. John, David Richards (that cooperates with the Queen), George de Angelisa, Sergey Galoyan (the author of the songs “Tattoo”) and others. And in the fall with Director Alan by Buzaevym she presented a clip for the song “Pain” and her English version of “Wild”.

This year has put the singer also facing a very important choice – she assumed the important mission to become a goodwill Ambassador for the UN. The Western world saw and heard her talent. The cover of the famous magazine about music Billboard graced the face of the Russian star. In the first months of 2009 the great Russian artist received an invitation to a charity concert by Robin Gibb. A week later, she appeared in Cannes in a national exhibition of music, where indescribably amazing sang a few songs – “Outofcontrol” and “Padam” with the legend style of Edith Piaf.

Within two months of 2009 were scheduled to tour around the UK with Simply Red, and then was assembled a concert in Moscow the same structure. Valeria was implemented another project “Outof Control”. The artist participated as jury in many competitions such as “the Secret of success”, “New wave”. The famous singer entered the list of 10 most beautiful women in Russia.

Valeria personal life

For the first time, beloved by millions, the singer was married to Leonid Yaroshevsky, the man who started her stunning career. Together they entered the Gnesin music school, Leonidas led a group of “Reflection” at the local Philharmonic. It was there that Alla took his first decisive step into the future.

Second husband until 2002 was Alexander Shulgin, her producer. He stole a girl from my first husband. With him the singer’s three children: eldest daughter Anna (born in 1993) and two sons: mid – Artem (born in 1994) and the youngest – Arseniy Shulgin (1998). Today in 2004 it is the third time married to her producer Iosif I. Prigogine. Once the pair were going to divorce after 11 years of marriage, but soon thought better of it and continues to live happily ever after.

Today the singer is one of the most popular and in demand in Russia.

Continue to observe and further her life, to enjoy a magical voice and talent.

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