Vanya Magicin sent Penza on “Dancing”

Charming hip-hopper and choreographer from Penza in the company of his former student and current second half decided to try their hand at the biggest dance project in the country. And as it has appeared, knowingly: Dmitry Urazaeva and Olga Lycan managed to conquer the jury with their performances on the casting of season 3 of “Dancing” on TNT! About preparation for a performance on a big stage and friendship with participants of past seasons happy couple told Woman’s Day.

Their history a little more than 1 year, but during that time Dima and Olya had to go through training, teaching, competitions, castings, fire, water and copper pipes, to conventional a selfie next to them was the occasion to brag to your friends!

It all began with the moment when still very young Olya came to hip-hop classes which led to Dmitri. They danced long and soon they parted ways. During this time hip-hopper Dima managed to dance with the now-famous Julian Bucholz (finalist of the show “Dancing on TNT. Battle of the seasons”, two-time world champion tap – approx. Woman’s Day) and Ivan by Majikina (finalist of season 2 of the show “Dancing on TNT”, bronze medalist of the world championship in hip-hop).

“Bucholz we danced a month in Moscow. Preparing for the world Cup in Australia. But the van had even come to live in the same apartment when I was casting into a steep Moscow team hip-hop Flyographers Dance Team choreographer Alexei Shaburov (today Alexey is a choreographer on TNT – approx. Woman’s Day). For 4 months we really became friends. Later, Ivan told me about “Dancing” with delight, and invariably glowing eyes. In fact, he became a “carrier” of this TNT-“virus” that has infected we with Olga, with whom fate brought us back 1,5 years ago,” – said Dmitry Urazaev.

In season 3 guys from Penza finally decided to test their strength. And, on predicting in Samara, a number of 150 people, which was only 9 “snatched” rivals your “ticket” to the big stage.

“We weren’t together, so for us it was double luck that took both. Honestly, I don’t doubt that we will say “Yes.” The point was to choose the direction that best is given. I was contemp (contemporary, modern stage dance, including a variety of directions and equipment – approx. Woman’s Day). Dima – hip-hop. And in fact, and in another each of us is a professional”, – said Olga Lycan.

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