Vegetables-Vodoley. How to preserve the harvest in July and August

In July and August vegetable plants need increased care, recalls Sobesednik.ru.

In July in the garden is an expanse of lush greenery pleasing to the eye, smooth and clean, without weeds, gryadochki cause pride. The war against pests won! It would seem, and you can relax in anticipation of the harvest, but it is absolutely wrong idea.

At this time you need to constantly ensure that the soil remains soft, and thus the earth under the plants regularly need to rake or mulch. Our cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini should not suffer from the heat, pour vegetable crops you will have every two or three days. You also cannot forget about feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers.

Your pumpkin is all grown up and produced its first flowers, but it is worth remembering that one plant may be no more than two fruits, otherwise you will not get a big harvest! Therefore rid of excess ovaries. To stimulate the growth of side shoots of the main stem primitives, especially because it always lots of female flowers. Do not forget to water (depends on pumpkin size) and feed fertilizers, which are composed of 4 grams of ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride, and 5 grams of superphosphate. First time feeding in 3-5-leaf phase (10-12 d), the second – at the beginning of the formation of stems (15-16 g). If the weather is wet, fertilizers are applied in a dry form, in hot weather – in the liquid. Under the fruits to their side does not rot, put the pieces of tiles, glass or slate.

This beloved Russian vegetable loves the water. And if the cabbage is not enough moisture, the heads are not formed. So don’t forget to water the garden beautiful. If the weather is cloudy and cool, just one watering a week. Per square meter you have to leave a bucket of water. If the weather is hot, increase the amount of watering to two times a week. After watering the plant must be Spud, through this procedure are formed of extra strong roots (middle and late varieties of cabbage Spud every 15-20 days, and the color must be Spud every 10-12 days). Cabbage of averages and late grades it would be good to feed. The first method is in solution mullein, diluted in water in a ratio of 1:8, add 10 liters of liquid 10 grams of superphosphate and potash fertilizers. The second method – dissolve in a bucket of water two tablespoons of super phosphate, one tablespoon of potassium sulfate. Pour the cabbage to one meter went up to 7 liters of nutrient solution.

These vegetables also big Vodoley, in July, the courgettes need water, a metre beds – at least two buckets of water. “Treat” pot-bellied zucchini phosphorus and potassium fertilizers (top dressing at the rate of one Cup wood ashes for three to four plants), and then liberally pour. In the beginning of budding presidnete main stem, and with a length of over 35 cm and side.

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