Vera Glagoleva

The name Vera Glagoleva known to all lovers of cinema. True fans of the actress know a secret. She has specialized in acting education. This circumstance, however, does not prevent Glagoleva become a recognizable actress, image of a strong independent personality in Soviet and Russian cinema. Her biography is an amazing story of how an ordinary girl accidentally went into the Studio “Mosfilm”, and from that moment her life changed. Everything happened like in the movies.

Vera Glagoleva was born on 31 January 1956. Girl from childhood was fond of sports. Proactive and ambitious, she a lot of effort and time devoted to sports. Her main sporting interest was archery. In this category she was awarded a sports qualification KMS. She by chance hit the “Mosfilm”. This event changed not only the Outlook of the artist, but all her subsequent life.

A girl with the characteristic forceful appearance immediately noticed Nahapetov, who at the time was busy filming another movie. Amateur artist, brilliantly played her character. This was the beginning of her career in film. Following experience in film was formed in 1977. Then she receives an invitation to the theatre.

Husband of Vera Glagoleva this suggestion had no appeal, and she obeyed the decision of the spouse. The actress recalls that moment with regret as he believes that he missed a good chance in life.

Not in the nature of the artist to delve into the feelings and be sad. She is always full of creative plans. And thanks to their dedication she was able to achieve a lot in his life and creative career. Despite the fact that the actress was often invited to the shooting in the movie, she never received special education. This circumstance kompensiruet her amazing ability and artistic gift.

Faith is able to subtly convey the psychological mood of her character. However, she has a bright and memorable appearance, which is really very suitable for filming in the movie. Willingly invited her to star in a movie all 70-e and 80-e years.

The actress can play diverse characters. Multi-faceted talent explains its popularity and demand. It is always pleasure to invite to the set. Years of working in cinema gave the film a lot of good interesting roles played by the artist. Among the images played by actress, there is a teacher, and a romantic serious girl, the heroine of the film “Starfall”. And Alex from the film “Torpedo bombers”, which was filmed Semyon Aronovich. According to the poll of the same magazine, the actress was named best actress of the year. It happened in 1986.

The nineties were also very fruitful in terms of creativity. Faith received a prominent role in the movie.

Often her heroines become strong-willed women who can stand up for themselves and to achieve their goal. Amid the diversity of images created by her acting, I want to note one curious fact. Negative characters the actress has never played, with the exception of film “Tavern on Pyatnitskaya”, where the actress got the role of obstinate and capricious girl with character. But this image did not fit her role. In 1996 she was awarded the honorary title of honored artist.

Personal life

On the set of the first in her life became acquainted with the Director. After a year the young were married. The Director went on to offer her a role in each of his works. Vera Glagoleva bore him two daughters, who were named Anna and Maria.

When the kids were born, she had to combine motherhood with the filming of the movie. In this case it was rescued by the mother, who was to look after the daughters. Youngest daughter Faith family found happiness in marriage with a foreigner. After marrying, they went to her husband in America. Her son was born.

Director Nahapetov was first given the role of the heroine to another woman when he made the film “dead of night”. It was the first film in which the role was offered not his wife, and the artist’s side, whose name was Lola Wedge. So came the end of a relationship.

The actress remarried. Her second husband was Cyril shubsky, who is engaged in business and has its own shipyard. It happened in the early nineties. Interesting fact: the first and the second husband of the actress were born in the same day, 1 January. The actress met her husband at the film festival “Golden Duke”. Some time later they had a daughter Anastasia.

The second husband of Vera Vitalyevna found true happiness. In the family atmosphere of love and understanding. Cyril not only takes proper care of his wife and daughter Anastasia, but also perfectly applies to the daughters of the artist from his first marriage. The actress is full of creative plans. She successfully tried himself as a Director.

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