Victims of domestic war. Why blow up a building in Ryazan

According to the preliminary version, from-for gas leaks. At first glance this case is similar to the usual domestic squabbles, which occur regularly. However, it turned out that the Ryazan tragedy caused a chain of prerequisites is not a domestic nature…

Flash – explosion – fire – the collapse of…

To the house №4 at the 1st Autumn lane close not approach – all blocked. And will not work: the police, several ambulances, journalists, neighbors, onlookers and former tenants of the house all watching enclsoure from the rubble of the ten-storied house where the explosion occurred. Someone waits until allowed back into miraculously survived the apartment to pick up necessities, and someone with a sinking heart, believe that their relatives will find the living…

The picture is bleak: the three upper floor of the left wing of the house (the tenth, ninth and eighth) completely destroyed. Part of the wall is deformed, large pieces of loose plates dismantle two cranes, Windows in entire house (and even across the street) knocked… Suffered a parked car: some filled up with rubble, and those that stood out, escaped with broken Windows.

– My wife woke up from a strange rumble, the Windows on our balcony knocked – tells me Oleg Machekhin, who lives in a 78-apartment – at the opposite side of the house from the one where the explosion occurred. – I looked out the window nothing could be seen one smoke. The wife took the passport, and we began to get to the street. At the bottom were already neighbors…

On the same day in the Internet appeared the video captured by the camera installed on the neighbouring house at exactly 4:36 – a bright flash, then an explosion, fire and collapse of the upper floors… Some tenants of the house saying, “We thought: war has begun…”

“Stupid dog granddaughter was saved”

For all residents and their relatives, the city administration and Ministry of emergency situations organized a crisis center in a school near the scene of the tragedy: they came to register and say that someone was under the rubble, where they received first aid and from there they were sent to hotels. Authorities have already started to pay the victims for 10 thousand rubles. For the first time. And volunteers collect humanitarian aid.

When I came to school in the small auditorium sat the two families – was waiting for that rescue teams will report on the fate of their relatives, remaining under the rubble…

– On the eighth floor in the 42nd apartment living is my son and his family: his wife and daughter Casulli. They were at home… They should probably get it – they probably need help. They themselves can’t get out – through tears, tells mother of Sergey Gorsky. – Sashulka, the granddaughter, is studying in medical University – decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents (they are doctors), and yesterday she had a meeting with classmates. So she came home 3 hours in the morning and immediately went to walk the dog. She usually walks with her at 6 o’clock, but this time Corgi strongly asks to walk… Now she’s brought. Had to do with the dog just one lap and it was going to go home, and then it happened… a Stupid dog probably saved… Left him with Lena to get out from under the rubble…

Gorsky practically spent the whole day at the crisis center wait for news and flinch every time your phone rings. Maybe someone will call and say, “They’re alive!”

When at six in the evening to the family approached the officer of the Ministry and went on to explain that most likely will be after seven information, in the eyes Gorsky had hope. But in seven or eight news. Except for the fact that the eighth floor, the one their 42-room apartment, heavily littered with debris…

“At first it was freezing at home, now on the street near him.” / Victoria Savitskaya

“Persecuted people”

The first information about the cause of the explosion was not too surprised. The reports said that in the apartment No. 54 on the tenth floor the man lived with his family and they set Autonomous gas heater. Without permits. That ill-fated night in the apartment was a scandal. The man was drunk and his wife left taking the children with her. Through this and survived.

In social networks, many immediately began to blame the man for what happened. Supposedly, installed the equipment without permission, surely the work was performed by some obscure company… And now the owner still drunk.

Indeed, in this situation you might think that the tragedy happened because of the domestics, if not a few but.

First, late wife of the deceased said that gas appliances in their apartment was not connected. And secondly, Autonomous gas heating was indeed connected several apartments of the ill-fated house. And there were good reasons.

– Persecuted people. You see, we seem to be April 27 and lived without hot water and heating, – explains Oleg Machekhin. – How it happened – I did not fully understand: the house was heated by an Autonomous boiler room, which tenants were built at his own expense, then she was bought by a management company then the owner… We all regularly pay the bills, but somehow in debt to the gas company, and has been cut off. Privately owned the money in his pocket puts it, he gets away with everything and the courts still smiling – you should have seen his face! Several apartments here, it seems, four, are tired of fighting, freaked out and installed a gas equipment: winter soon, and they have small children. I also wanted to install, but did not. But surely all the blame on us – the residents will hang and not power.

“Pay the bills, and the heat was not”

And officials, it seems, really is not without sin: in April of this year, the heating did off in two houses in the 1st Autumn lane.

It was like this. The same house where the tragedy occurred, was built in 2005 with “Inflow”. Tenants under the investment agreement chipped (with odnushki – 20 thousand rubles, kopeck piece – 25 thousand and three rubles – 30 thousand) in the boiler room. It was built TSZH “the Center”. Then, in

2007, this boiler under the agreement for the sale was transferred to OOO “Tributary System”. In another 5 years she was sold to a natural person Dmitry Trifonov.

In 2014 the first tenants are trying through the courts to challenge the legality of the sale of the boiler house: they built it for their own means. But to no avail.

At first there were no problems until the tenants didn’t bring the contract for maintenance of boiler UK “Tekhrembytservis-1”: the terms of the contract I did not accept, and sign, they refused, but… somehow, the UK was still to work with them. Some time later, in April, the owner of the boiler Trifonov at the end of the heating season, unilaterally terminated the gas supply contract with OOO “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Ryazan”, as well as the lease of a boiler with “Tekhrembytservis-1”. Supply of heat and hot water in the houses №4 and 1 (TSZH “the avant-garde) is stopped.

Later it became clear: the residents of UK need money for heating and for hot water (what the residents of the houses, of course, disagree: the bills are paid properly), and Trifonova – debt to the gasman.

Prosecutor all this I closed my eyes. The court, too.

In August of OOO “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Ryazan” sued Trifonova 8 million rubles, and the bailiffs seized on the boiler. And soon the debt Trifonova took the contract and fully paid off with “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Ryazan”.

– However, no water, no heating in the houses has not appeared, says she;. It turned out that at about this time Trifonov entered into a lease agreement with OOO “Tekhrembytservis-2”. Head of UK wanted to establish extortionate rates, but he was not allowed to do so. UK and then broke off the contract with the “owner” of the boiler.

In the end only in September, the Prosecutor’s office went to meet the Ryazanians and ordered the city administration instructed that in any case obliged to provide to citizens an uninterrupted heating and hot water.

– Writ-Prosecutor’s office issued, but we didn’t believe that the benefits of civilization will return to us – says she;. – So, as you can see, some families have safe…

The official verdict – what really was the cause of the explosion has not yet ruled. Now SK investigates.

But there is a statement: the house most likely by the end of the year will restore, dismantle completely destroyed the floors. However, whether people want to live here – the big question. And safety at home is very doubtful, too much he was hurt. But the main loss – human. No one will return people’s loved ones killed in this “domestic” war.

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