Victoria Dayneko again went to the hospital

As you know, the artist suffers from allergies and has repeatedly passed

treatment in clinics of Germany

. Yesterday, the singer again suffered a seizure, which was caused by the usual carrots. In the social network Victoria wrote: “And the day started so positively… except for the carrots and the severe allergic reaction she may have departed today for a tour. But fate decreed otherwise. Was discharged from the German hospital, written in Russian. Damn carrots! I’m alive, but still look not very. Tomorrow’s show is cancelled (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. WomanHit)”.

To honor Daineko, she reacted to the incident with humor and posted a photo of the hero will Smith from the film “Rules of removal: Method hitch”, where he had an attack of allergies. Photo she signed: “Today it was me! you should have seen my face! And those sexy lips on your face! And those charming puffy eyes! Abaldet! Who would see soon married took! (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. WomanHit)”.

Of course fans of the singer much concerned about her condition, but Victoria immediately reassured them, and wrote that she was all right: “As you now well I can not imagine!!! After a shake I feel all the buzz of a happy healthy life!!! Miss understanding that every day is an adventure. All right, want to go home (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. WomanHit)”.

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