Victoria Dayneko not allowed in the UK

Cheryl Cole has traveled half the world already, but not yet visited England. The cherished dream of the singer is not yet destined to be fulfilled: she was unable to obtain a visa.

“Apparently, the British visa I flew. Sbycha dream is postponed for another time. So the end of the world in December will not be exact. Hopefully, if tomorrow I will write the application, they will give me a passport on Friday. Otherwise, I don’t have time to fly to Munich, and it’s sad,” admitted

Victoria Dayneko

in the “Twitter”.

The singer was so hoping for a trip that even made fashion nails “minx” national symbols of the UK. “Upset. Now, how to get a passport… In sorrow otkovyryali “minxy” with the British flag,” – continued to complain about star. “I’m a wild alarmist, so I prefer to do everything in advance, and then it turns out that all the deadline, and I’m worried that something will go wrong,” explained his emotional Dayneko.

Before the singer should not have any problems with the visa. In the summer of 2012 girl a few weeks

vacationing in France

autumn went to Munich for surgery

and later

flew on tour in China

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