Visionary Paul called for the feast of the octopus in Spain

Famous Oracle Paul has accepted the offer of Spain to attend the annual culinary festival in the city of Carballino, whose members are engaged in the cooking of the octopus.

The holiday octopus is in Spain for the 48th time. Annual gala in Karbalino is a small town in the North-West of the country – was invited not only famous for the Oracle, but

national football team of Spain, whose victory in the world Cup was correctly predicted by octopus

The famous diviner Paul – a resident of a German aquarium in Oberhausen, thanks to the world Cup has become popular not only at home in Germany. After Paul predicted the victory of the Spanish national team over Germany in the world Cup final, the Spaniards poured out to him with such love that made shellfish an honorary citizen Karbalino. Mayor Carlos Montes personally gave Paul the plaque and its 20-inch bronze statue.

Recall that for all time of the world Cup mollusk Paul unmistakably identified the results of eight football matches fellow of the German national team, including the final. Their predictions of sea clam did, choosing containers with food attached to them by the flags of the teams.

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