Vodonaeva was thinking about breaking up with fiancé

The media personality is not the first time complaining about the divergence of interests.

Alena Vodonaeva

Anton Korotkov together for more than a year. The couple travels a lot, appears at parties of friends… More than that, Vodonaeva not just saying that for a long time is in the status of the bride.

But as it turned out, and this sweet couple is not going smoothly. Fans noticed that while on vacation in Thailand the media personality at times sad. And published very ambiguous posts…

“It is not easy to be together when you are totally different, like a cat with a dog, but they are madly in love each other. I wonder if love is possible to get along with a person’s views with which you largely disagree fundamentally?” – wondered she.

But it seems that sea, beach and delicious food has reconciled lovers… but not for long. Recently it became clear that between lovers again ran a black cat.

“Why not just different people to be with… And really want and love, and turn a blind eye, that had not closed. I don’t know… is it Possible to be together when, in addition to love, there’s nothing… I just want somewhere to escape and hide. I just want to be alone” – once again shared Alena thoughts in his microblog in Instagram.

Fans immediately began to fill the TV full of sympathy comments. And someone said that the rift between the lovers is not surprising. The couple really little in common! Anton a few years younger than Vodonaevoy working tattoo artist and show business is irrelevant. No wonder that the excessive media attention it is very tiring.

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