Vsevolod Chaplin: “medical advice to light a candle” – on the verge of blasphemy

Vsevolod Chaplin commented on the advice of a doctor in Primorye to put a candle for health of the girl who was bitten by a dog.

previously wrote that in a hospital Primorye, the doctor couldn’t find a vaccine to vaccinated against rabies is bitten by a dog the girl, and advised her parents to go to Church and light a candle. After the incident vrabel dismissed

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said Sobesednik.ru that disease should refer to a higher power, but we should not forget about their responsibilities. “To light a candle, and even better — post a note on health, is good. But this does not mean that the physician must refuse to perform their duty, referring to God. It’s not a Christian” — said the Archpriest.

Chaplin recalled the Russian proverb “God helps those who help themselves”. “And in this case, of course, the doctor had not to shift responsibility to God for what he is, the doctor had to do, and was going to try to do his duty, insists FR. — Surely in such a big city there was not a single vaccine against rabies? Or impossible to approach the authorities that the vaccine was delivered?”

He stressed that “hope to God not a reason to leave man without care.” “Especially if such assistance, the doctor is obliged to provide. If we have a system of compulsory medical insurance somehow, Yes saved, the doctor say such things should not, then his responsibility,” — said Chaplin.

Noting that the doctor advised me to put a candle for the little girl in the Church, and for that bit her dog was not mad, Archpriest said that “the statement on the verge of blasphemy”: “He had to try to find a vaccine, and not to hide behind the name of God”, — said Vsevolod Chaplin in conversation with Sobesednik.ru.

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