Want child, or What you need to know about IVF and surrogacy

Pressed to the chest of their own baby is a dream of many women. Unfortunately, due to various reasons not everyone can give birth yourself. For some childless couples, IVF and surrogacy is the only way to get the long – awaited parental happiness.

However, on the way to the dream of future parents was plagued by numerous fears and doubts. To understand the intricacies of reproductive technologies and to dispel some of the myths about them have decided to Woman’s Day.

Myth # 1

Fear of genetic parents, the surrogate mother changes her mind to give the baby

“In fact, there is fear on all sides, – says Elena Kaloshina, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist. Genetic parents fear that makes their child, the mom incubator can become attached to the child during the pregnancy and not give it away. But their fears overcome and the surrogate mother. As well as the birth of the child, and he parents do not like and they decide to take him? To eliminate the ground for these fears, the parties draw up a legal contract, which is prescribed all the details with the wishes of the genetic parents and the surrogate mother. As a rule, medical centers, specializing in surrogacy, has competent lawyers who help to create a bilateral agreement. Moreover, the medical facility provides the only medical care (surrogate mother and the donor of germ cells) and has nothing to do with the legal side of the issue.”

unlike IVF (in vitro fertilization) state programs for surrogacy there. These are the activities of private clinics.

Myth # 2

The child can inherit from the surrogate mother any disease

“Genetic pathology child from a surrogate mother to inherit, because this woman bears a biologically alien to her child, with the genes of his parents, – refutes speculation Taisiya Sergeevna Ismailova, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist. But if the surrogate mother during pregnancy will suffer some kind of infection, the adverse consequences to the fetus are possible. It is therefore better to look for a surrogate mother not through specialized agencies and through clinics where there is a base fully inspected and healthy women.”

Myth # 3

ECO unsafe for the health of baby and mom

“Surrogate motherhood, of course, has some negative points, – says Elena Kaloshina, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist. – Because it is artificial insemination, then every healthy female body is supposed to reject foreign protein (the embryo). And then the embryo (fetus) is for him an alien. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare surrogate mother for this period with medication she takes to ensure that she had a miscarriage. Of course, such treatment is not useful for woman’s health because it is a struggle with nature. We are fighting against nature with drugs that lower the immune system women that the body did not tear away the fruit. No drugs required.

As for the fetus, then it these drugs no effect no effect.

But I would like to note that in all cases in vitro fertilization using donor cells (both male and female) the use of drugs is much less harmful than in the case where the woman is treated for years to get pregnant on their own. Years of treatment much less useful than a single visit to the ECO.

There is another misconception: if a woman got pregnant with IVF, then it should definitely “cesaret”. This is not so. If a cesarean section is no reasonable evidence, women totally give birth to themselves.

Of course, there are conservative methods of treatment, but they are not always successful. And if a year of such treatment was to no avail, pregnancy does not occur, doctors recommend IVF until the age.”

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