“We are not a pawn shop!” Paintings of Evgenia Vasilyeva, the Russian Museum yet

Vasilev gave his triptych called “Transcriptase” St. Petersburg Russian Museum, learned Sobesednik.ru.

But to show visitors her paintings are not in a hurry.

– Getting pictures in the Fund of the Museum – a very long procedure, explained Sobesednik.ru Advisor to the Director of the Russian Museum Natalia Zhukova. – If a week ago someone brought the paintings in the Russian Museum, this does not mean that they are taken for storage. Only means that someone had brought, and all. They should be attribution, then the stock-purchasing Commission and so on. I do not understand where the information that they have already accepted the gift?! I these pictures did not see, hands can not feel, so to speak, in the Museum or not, can’t. Even if they are somewhere and lie, it absolutely means nothing. The Museum is not a pawn shop with a window, on which the pass pattern, and in return receive some check.

In a press-service of the Museum Sobesednik.ru confirmed that the paintings Vasilyeva really brought to Dar and they are taken into temporary storage. But no more.

– Pictures will have to be until the meeting of the expert stock-purchasing Commission, which determines get into the Museum collection or not, – says head of the press service of the Museum Alla Karyagin. – That is, at the moment we do not belong. The gift we bring hundreds of works, and all of them before you get in the collection are in the Commission. And there will be no exceptions.

– It is likely that the triptych Vasilyeva will be held this Commission until the end of this year?

– Hard to say. Before the stock-purchasing Commission needs to examine. But it in no way depends on the personality of the artist. The Museum considers not the author, but only his works.

His opinion about the artistic value of works of Evgenia Vasilyeva with Sobesednik.ru shared art historian, gallerist Vladimir Frolov:

– On the works of Vasilyeva’s seen that she is an aspiring artist. The triptych, which she wants to give to the Russian Museum – is a higher level compared to her early work. It was a period of primitivism, now begins abstract expressionism.

Works Vasilyeva are worthy to put them in a Museum?

– Of course not! Maybe it’s just for PR? I think there are a number of comrades who are engaged in its promotion. Work probably a good amount, coming up with similar moves. Yet this is no Museum value, this I can tell you one hundred percent.

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