We’re going,do you?

Just think (!), for their existence, they have received seven Grammy’s, took pride of place in the top 30 the best rock musicians in the world by VH1 (Video Hots 1), visited the various tops of the charts from MTV and Billboard to pirate trackers and has sold 85 million albums. During all this time the band changed 4 guitar and two drums in the end remained with us recognizable worldwide Anthony, flea and Chad Smith, 2 Jan 2010 they were joined by former session guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. Chad Smith noted the incredible creativity of new guitarist Josh and he admitted in one interview that still feels like a beginner: To some extent I still feel like a beginner. But I can’t make you feel uncomfortable, and I can say that I became a member of the group at 100%. I never felt that nobody listens to and respects. But there will always be something like: “What the hell am I doing here?” *laughs*

RHCP — this is learned by heart in every corner of the planet mega hit Scar Tissue and Otherside (one only has to hear the first chords of these songs as you are immediately ready to sing along to), broken nails and downed teen fingers, searching Road Trippin, furious neighbors want to stop dancing to Give It Away or Can’t Stop, speeding under By the Way, heard to the holes 28 hits Stadium Arcadium, smooth rotation, soundtracks to such movies and TV shows like the big Bang Theory, Clinic, Beauty; of course the iconic music videos, and of course millions of fans around the world. Let us without further ADO — here is the statement of flea about the band: “to Be a member of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers — means to be free: you are not bound in the choice of style, nobody imposes their worldview, in their categories. It’s your lifestyle that is reflected in how you look and how you talk and how you act.” That says a lot! PHCP is freedom!

And here they returned after five years of Studio break and just came back, and presented already the anniversary 10th album I’m with you and proved that the years of silence were not in vain. So, Red Hot Chili Peppers on July 20 in St. Petersburg and on July, 22nd in Moscow will be hot (however, always at their concerts), this event will be remembered!

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