What are subordinates?

Most often it is the most experienced, the most senior of a team of workers. He happily shares his experience with beginners, teaches, helps, but does not impose help.

Simply put, it’s a sneak, “six”. Such a person is constantly “sniffing” dogs who are not working properly, who is distracted, who turns the love in the workplace and reporting everything to his superiors.

This worker loves to bring someone else’s work, corrects the mistakes of their colleagues, not demanding or expecting gratitude. But with the duties he copes. All the time.

A person coming to work, tells his colleagues, even if they are not willing to listen to him, literally about everything: how he slept at night, what he ate, watched and read all sorts of gossip. With “narrator” should not open up, otherwise on the next day he will give your secret in the workplace, trumpeted it on the whole team.

Such an employee is not satisfied with absolutely everything working schedule, plan, rules of conduct, labour standards. He becomes the instigator of strikes, strikes, allows himself to drunkenness in the workplace and persuades colleagues to do something similar.

The name speaks for itself! This man will not start working until you brag about what he done and how much did last time, and as it lauded authorities. When he will spend some of it, will speak, will turn into a great Executive subordinate.

Such a worker wants to be persuaded, begged to do anything. He was particularly naughty, if it is required a quick decision. He expects that the boss will kneel down and will try to persuade to hurry up the decision.

This man came to work, begins to complain to colleagues at all: the bosses, working conditions, bad mood, headache. After talking with the whiner, team Willy-nilly, become despondent, covers all the pessimism and sense of hopelessness.

From the title it is clear that this person is seeking to settle all the conflicts in the team, is able to extinguish the nascent quarrel.

This man works hard, he feels happy only at work, and all because he, or discord in the family or at home no one is waiting and nothing pleases.

Home-grown psychologist.Such a worker for all is secretly watching, is in the mind of each characteristic (psychological profile), makes far-reaching conclusions, gives advice left and right, even when it did not ask about it.

Well, it is clear. Such a person does not need to give any reason that he could not at your expense to satisfy their fantasies (sexual of course).

People with hidden plans.Such employee often invites his colleagues to an informal meeting: for lunch, beginning to show their friendship and slowly angling from colleagues the necessary information, which can then be used against them.

I hope you, dear readers, enjoyed this classification and this article. If Yes, then the next I’ll talk about what there are ourselves, our nachalnichki that is! And let the chiefs do not take offense at me!

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