What are you afraid of our kids?

About what you need to do to a child less afraid, I said in a previous article. Now let’s talk about the objects of the fears of our loved ones.

Allow me to place the fears in what order: “first places” will be something that children are the results of my research and research of my colleagues-psychologists fear most, well, in the “last places” — those phenomena, objects, living creatures which cause fear to a lesser degree. Well, do you agree with the order?

1. Fear of the dark (72% of the 500 children who participated in the study). Kids ask parents not to turn off the night light, the most terrible and severe punishment for these kids — to be locked in a dark closet or another room, stand in a dark corner facing the wall. Under the influence of the dark children have other fears: forever to be alone, to be stolen by the fabulous evil characters (the Bogeyman, Baba Yaga, etc.

2. The fear of death. His “popularity” (prevalence) in the hearts of children is growing steadily. If adults think that at such a young age (3 – 4 years) toddlers do not know anything about death, not understanding the meaning of the word, then I dare say that such thoughts are wrong. The child may once have been at the funeral, perhaps his grandparents and their friends, and then they say, “Oh, something’s health was bad! About to die, and bury me in cheese land!”, “That’s my neighbor died and my turn will come soon!” Sometimes adults say to the kid: “You got me to the grave will bring! The coffin will drive! About to die what are you going to do?” Uttering such a horrible phrase, adults do not even realize that perpetuate the child’s fear of death. But even the fear of death instilled in us originally. It’s like a cultural archetype, transmitted through the generations.

3. The fear of losing someone of the parents or persons in Loco parentis. Many kids worry that their mom, dad, grandma, sister sick, and may die. Children may have seen someone from the family members was seriously ill, as all were upset, worried, anxious.

4. The fear of different animals. First children are afraid of dogs and cats, at least — crows, spiders. Children may be afraid of only those animals that we encounter in reality. That is, the child living in Moscow, is unlikely to fear deer or raccoon.

5. Fear of natural disasters. The presence of this fear is almost always connected with the district of residence of the child. Hardly a small St. Petersburg will be afraid of a tsunami. Although it is possible that he had seen on TV a natural disaster is so frightened of the baby, that fear deeply set in his head.

6. The fear of depth, fires, etc.the Child will be afraid of depth, if he felt or if he feels insecure in the fact that, had he to sink, the adults will come to help. The same applies to fires. But then again, if the baby was to some extent a witness of the fire, the latter can become the object of child’s fear.

7. War, terrorist acts. Maybe I should have put this fear at the beginning of my “blacklist” because he is recently regaining popularity. Daily children see the horrific details of military action, hear about them, and in some regions and are direct witnesses of such events.

8. Fear of different fairy tale characters. I used to think that fear is in the first place, has not yet received the results of the research. Of course, our modern-day kids are afraid to be stolen, eaten by evil monsters. But the place barmaleev, Baba-Yaga come new villains (the goblins, pokemon).

9. Different specific fears. Their presence depends on the conditions in which the child lives and from his psychological characteristics, the characteristics of education. For example, children who has a father, afraid to be beaten again. Little girl in Elevator attacked vicious teenager may be afraid to ride in the Elevator or to be afraid of teenagers of a certain appearance (tall, red-haired, etc.) One girl was afraid at night it will strangle the flower.

This list could continue; I gave here only some of the objects of children’s fears. I am afraid that long my story hasn’t been boring you, dear readers.

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