What can you make out of sour cream and some fruit? Cake!

Most people love sweet treats, so, especially men. On Christmas holidays I thought I’d make something like that. My favorite so ate only at home and away, said that will not withstand the baking, and he wanted something easy, well, maybe jelly or light dessert or something. Misty said, and I fret to think what he wants.

I was googling as usual and came across a recipe for a summer fruit cake and cream, dissolved gelatin. Found a few recipes, they differed from each other slightly, so formed his version, according to the products which were available at the time. It turned out very well.

But not so easy this dessert. I do not understand some bloggers (bloggers mostly) that with a clear conscience suggest such desserts as alight summer cake. What is it easy? Sour cream 20%, sugar, sponge cake or biscuits — it is “not easy” for the liver, about the figure generally keep quiet.

Immediately thought that you could substitute sour cream fruit yogurt but no yogurt in the fridge, go to the store very much. Another time be sure to cook with yogurt. On one site found the variant with condensed milk, a blow on the liver. Although chocolate lovers will appreciate.

Let it be sour cream, cook for the man — he does not need to lose weight, and she’ll eat a little. All food in the refrigerator had so long thought, went to cook. That’s just the biscuit oven was not and it is not wanted. But depressed about it I didn’t, cookies are just perfect instead of a cake. Will not be worse, and for the form come any capacity, not necessarily special, silicone, although this will be more convenient.

So, on a small cake you will need:

Sour cream 20% – 300 g Sugar — 100 g (for a sweet 150 g).Fruit jellies — one package.A small cake or 3-4 cookies.Fruit fresh or canned.2 tbsp gelatin.1/3 Cup of cold boiled water.

First prepare the jelly according to the instructions on the package, only water should take less to fill in a shallow form. This in order to be able to then it’s jelly slice. Soak in water the gelatin and leave for half an hour for the swelling.

While jelly freezes, and the gelatin swells, you can build the form with cling film, if the form you are not silicone. I took a bowl, which usually use under fresh salad. Cake then we’ll flip, so pick up a form based on this, because I want the table to deliver not only delicious, but also beautiful dessert.

While it is possible to do filling. I had a jar of canned pineapple and I sliced finely five rings, broke cookies. In the form you need to lay out layers: chopped jelly, pineapple and small pieces of biscuits. In my form got two of such layers.

Mix sugar with sour cream in a blender. Swollen gelatin put on a slow fire and constantly stir until dissolved. It is important to not bring to a boil. Then to introduce a thin stream of sour cream, which has sugar long friends, and give everything a good stir. Pour the fruit and jelly cookie mixture and put the dessert in the refrigerator until fully cured, approximately two hours.

My favorite is appreciated, ate with pleasure, said that this is what he wanted. Another said that it is possible without cookies, and added the nuts. Similarly, crushed nuts, any kind will like this dessert very much.

Bon appetit!

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