What could be the consequences of communication with unhappy people?

They are asocial. They are dangerous to society. They should not be allowed to children and people with unstable psyche. You cannot invite them for the holidays. They should be placed in a special leper colony, fenced with barbed wire and survive until until they become happy, or at least cease to be unhappy.

If you have a good mood, and appears next to an unhappy man — a mood will become bad. You will Empathize. To sympathize with. You will be regret for the unfortunate man. The evening will be spoiled. If you have a mood unimportant, after the appearance of the unfortunate man, it will become even nastier.

If you’re lying on your deathbed at the last gasp, with the advent of the unfortunate man you say goodbye with the last hope to stand before God with dignity, with a sense of soothing forgiveness, with the consciousness of duty done — because you didn’t deliver. You didn’t pity the unfortunate man, to share his sorrow about the pimple, jumped on his nose, hungover or suffering.

Every poor person has their own individual suffering. However, these individual suffering of poor people share a common property — this is the most anguished suffering in the world! and you need this property to confirm, Yes, this poor man the most miserable of all miserable! and Woe to you if you allow yourself to die without sharing the full extent of the suffering of the unfortunate man! not expressed his Sympathy! or some there — Condolences! you will be damned forevermore, and nothing will help you. You will leave this world with the stigma of cruel, heartless man, and this tradition will become available to all your friends, relatives, descendants, associates, and colleagues!

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