What dish will warm the cold evenings? Hot pot!

From time immemorial

This is one of the oldest dishes in the history of cooking — as soon as created the first pots and learned to burn them, and that was long ago, in the Neolithic period, immediately put fire in them who mess who have roots, and when well with the meat! For centuries our ancestors put in the morning in the oven pots with various combinations of products in them, and after a hard day at home waiting for them a hearty hot meal.

Well, today is hot pot, you ask? Rest assured, we now have a sea of options multiplied by the number of personal culinary ideas each. Meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, cereals, oil and butter, cream, cheese, spices — anything goes, in certain combinations, of course. The only thing you need are pots, ceramic tableware, which is now very widespread and readily available.

Pots and tongs

A few words about the dishes. The most convenient pots — classic, rounded shape, tapering at the top and bottom. It is desirable that the ceramics were not just burnt, but glazed and beautiful, and easier to wash.

Well, if there is a cap, you can replace the foil or the test, but in the first case, will worsen the taste of baked dishes, and the second will be more work, but we want quickly and easily.

At the time of purchase of pots you need to buy them tongs — an indispensable thing when out of the oven you need to get the hot pot, which, moreover, round and smooth. But the tongs, as the pots are of different diameters, and it is very important that they match each other in size.

The number of pots can be anything, but it is worth remembering that the hot pot — a dish a La carte, so it is necessary to focus on the number of consumers.

Ideas for recipes

Hot pot with chicken

Ingredients for 2 servings:300 grams of chicken meat separated from the bones, 2 medium potatoes, a large onion, a couple small carrots, fresh mushrooms 5-6 medium size, 2-3 tablespoons of grated cheese, around 100 grams of beef broth or hot water, a little vegetable oil, salt, spices.

• Onion and carrot finely chop and fry in a pan on low heat. In the last minute of cooking add a little spice. If no particular preference, you can just use the spice mixture for the chicken.

• Vegetables to put on the bottom of the pots. Add the chopped chicken and potatoes and season with salt. Tightly cover the mushrooms, cut into thin round slices, sprinkle with cheese and add the broth or water.

• Bake in the oven with these ratios, time and temperature: 45 minutes at 250 degrees to 1.5 hours at 200 degrees.

Hot pot with buckwheat and mushrooms

Ingredients for 2 servings:150 grams of buckwheat, 200 grams chicken breast, 300 grams of fresh mushrooms, 100 grams of cream (15% fat), chive, salt.

• Buckwheat heat in a dry frying pan, stirring constantly, until most of the grains are not resultnode. Pour into a saucepan of boiling water (proportion 1:1) and cook on slow fire under a cover until the complete disappearance of water.

• Chicken breast lightly boil, coarsely chop.

• Mushrooms cut into round slices, finely chop the garlic.

• Mix the buckwheat, meat, mushrooms, cream and garlic and put in pots.

• Bake in the oven with these ratios, time and temperature from 25 minutes at 250 degrees up to 45 minutes at 200 degrees.

Hot pot vegetarian

Ingredients for 2 servings:2 medium potatoes, a large onion, a couple small carrots, 5-6 fresh button mushrooms of medium size, approximately 100 grams of hot water, 75-150 grams of tomato paste (depending on concentration), a little vegetable oil, salt, spices. In the summer you can add half a medium eggplant, one-third of a small zucchini, sweet peppers, a few fresh tomatoes — in this case, the number of potatoes you need to reduce or not use it at all.

• Onions and carrots prepared as described above and spread on the bottom of the pots.

• Add the remaining diced vegetables and sliced mushrooms plastics, salt.

• Tomato paste mixed with water, if the paste is very thick — add more water. Pour the mixture into the pots with the vegetables.

• Bake in the oven with these ratios, time and temperature: 1 hour at 250 degrees for 1.5 hours at 200 degrees.

Variations on a theme

All of the recipes are basic, they can be changed in accordance with the tastes of the household and the circumstances surrounding the presence or absence of certain ingredients. According to this principle, you can create a completely new combination. In case of shortage of time, you can pre-prepare the semi-finished pots, and before dinner just to bring them to readiness. However, a tempting?

For those who don’t have anything against the food cooked in the microwave, this dish is generally speed: 10-20 minutes — and you’re done! You only need to choose the appropriate power, which will depend on the kit ingredients and their total.

Hot pot — a dish universal and unique at the same time. Having prepared it once, you will appreciate its simplicity and simultaneous genius, proven by thousands of years…

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