What do the flowers Sarian?

In the artist’s paintings, each brush stroke incorporates the author’s emotions. His paintings are peculiar to the use of pure unmixed colors, which fills a large space and simple lines. Saryan was striving to represent persons, objects more clearly. The main meaning in his works is the color: is the author of many ingenious works could be an amazing way to transfer the color mood, emotion, shades of feelings.

However, the paintings have an amazing melody, the rhythm — they seem to come alive and the viewer is immersed in the enchanting world of the artist. For example, in the painting “Persian girl” the woman’s face almost turned into a mask, but this only adds to her femininity and mystery.

Sarian traveled a lot, went to the Caucasus. In the summer of 1902 he went to Ani, the ancient capital of Armenia, where once lived his ancestors. “In the picturesque nooks of the South of our ancient country, I found again the magic world of my childhood”, recalls the artist. His native country was his main source of inspiration. Only in 1917 he and his family finally settled in Armenia and draw “Colorful landscape”, “Yerevan”, “Mount Aragats in summer,” and many other paintings.

Sarian has survived two world wars and the genocide of 1915. Learning about what is happening at home, he dropped everything and went to Armenia. Watching how people die, and realizing his helplessness, Saryan was on the verge of madness. The artist was taken to Tiflis with signs of deep mental illness. Seen for a long time deprived him of the opportunity to work.

The first thing that drew Sarian after recovery, a bouquet of red flowers. Nature in his paintings is the sequel to human, human continuation of nature. How can a person be reborn in nature, gives her his life, his sorrows and defeats, moments of happiness and joy. Flowers Sarian call to life, to light. He especially loved to paint wild flowers.

In his article about chain Saryan, Khachatryan, former Director of the Museum Saryan, repeats the words of the artist: “Life is an island. People come out of the sea, cross the island and go back into the sea. Knowing nature, we know God, admire it, praise God.” It also indicates that, before drawing, Saryan was always reading a prayer — like habit remained in it after primary Armenian school, where his teacher was the future Catholicos of all Armenians Gevorg VI.

Interesting pictures the Master, written after visits to Egypt and Persia. In his paintings appear to date palms, camels and Oriental women. In each picture he seeks to convey the identity, the essence of life style.

In 1936, when written by the artist are portraits of recently repressed people were burned in the yard of the national art gallery, he was invited to Moscow and instructed to create fifteen picture for the Soviet pavilion at the world exhibition in Paris. A year later he was awarded for her Grand Prix. Apparently, this saved him from persecution.

The artist lived a long life and died in 1972. In recent years, he has created a series of drawings with a Sharpie. Most of them are black — and-white drawings with different images of nature: the tree, from which flies a flock of birds, that mount Ararat, hidden in the clouds..

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