What drugs to put in your first aid kit before you travel on vacation

In preparation for the journey and vacation, whether you go independently or on a package tour, is sure to find a travel kit.

– If you suffer from a chronic form of any disease, then take those drugs which usually take.

– Even going to the sea and the sun put in a first aid kit and antipyretic medicines for diseases of the throat and nasal congestion.

– Sunscreen, spray and ointment for sunburn – they will be useful not only in Egypt but also in Europe. For example, in Italy the temperature in the summer may be a long time to get off the mark 30 degrees, causing the skin of the face, neck and hands burns instantly.

Drugs motion sickness, pills for headache and toothache, also should be a place in the Cabinet.

– Take care and gastrointestinal tract – food poisoning and a stomach upset can watch for at any time.

What drugs, when and why you need to throw away

– Antihistamines – in a foreign country, any plant or food can cause an allergic reaction.

– If you have planned Hiking excursions, take along several packages of band-aid – they can not do without if you rubbed his feet.

ATTENTION! Abroad, many drugs can be purchased in a pharmacy only by prescription.

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