What is dual power mirrors?

The first mirror shop appeared in 1373 in the German city of Nuremberg. In medieval Europe, mirrors were very expensive and were the subject of collecting. Meanwhile, the best-known collectors of those times considered the English king Henry VIII and the French king Francis I. In Russia, until the end of the 17th century mirrors were considered a sinful subject. And in 1666, the Church Council actually forbade clerics to keep them in their homes. Today, modern life is simply impossible to imagine without a mirror. Everyone starts their day with that first washes the front of the mirror, then dresses for the day and applies her makeup and hairstyle, is by using mirrors in the car while driving, and so on…

In the popular imagination, the mirror is a symbol of the “doubling” of reality, the boundary between earth and the afterlife. Therefore this item is considered hazardous and requires careful handling. For example, light mirror symbolizes marital happiness; broken — divorce. Also dark mirror in which we can not consider their own image, is an omen of misfortune or death.

Our ancestors belonged to mirrors not only wary, but most importantly — careful, trusting in their magic power. And rightly so, because the reason still mirrors are fortune-tellers, witch, healer. Sorcerers and shamans of old were tried as little as possible to look in the mirror, not to “recharge” the bad energy. But there are other (positive) the arguments in favor of this essential and mysterious things. For example, in the Spanish villages to the shoulders of the children attached a tiny mirror to protect kids from envious looks and to bring back the detractors of their negative energy.

Despite the fact that today the mirror has become one of the main attributes of a modern interior, it is in every home and every public space, whether it’s school, beauty salon, shop, hospital, etc., with mirror involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions that people still believe and try him not to joke.

One of the main, the most strict customs is the tradition to hang a mirror in the house where the dead man. It is believed that the mirror can hold the soul reflected in it. That is why long after the death of the person the mirror in the house was canaveruelas to the soul of the deceased is not kept in the room where the deceased lies, and had the opportunity to go to the light. Many stories indicate that failure to observe this custom of trouble in the house, which, in turn, bring fear, tears, fear and fright.

Life stories illustrate the amazing events. For example, in one of the families after the death of his grandmother in the house forgot to close the mirror. No special attention given, as it was in the back room. Grandmother was buried, but then periodically, at night, the image of a dead old lady haunted her family members. The house was loud footsteps, groans, voices, things changed their location, objects falling… these were repeated every night. After people began to feel during sleep with someone breathing nearby, an eerie feeling forced to appeal for help to the professionals. The explanation was found. The spirit old woman to the funeral was in her own house. Saying goodbye to her relatives, she came across a mirror and saw myself in it: unusual, scary and frightening way. Dead scared of your own reflection, and her body, being soon buried, was dead… that’s why she always had at home, grumbled, was angry and did not find a place on earth or in another world.

In addition, it is believed that a particular danger is the mirror and for the newborn baby. Until the baby turns a year old, it does not bring to the mirror. Otherwise the child long did not speak, or will stutter. Also your baby might get scared of his reflection: as a result, it will start insomnia will be difficult to cut teeth, spoil your appetite, etc.

It is worth noting that the doubling effect of the mirror carries a positive service to protect people from evil forces. It is considered that, if evil spirits can see your reflection in the mirror, their magical abilities will be reduced to zero.

In history there are many examples of extraordinary energy and power mirrors. The conclusion is: the modern man should not be afraid of this useful item, but in order not to play with fire, it is better to treat the mirror carefully, gently, with respect. Using mirrors in your interior, also do not forget about the rules of their rational and correct use (but that’s another story)… Be happy and healthy! Smile at her reflection in the mirror, do not look for flaws in it and think more about the advantages!

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