What is hydromining? Good habits of the Finns

Finland and sports as a natural combination of the notions of health and nature. In Finland a healthy and active lifestyle is strongly encouraged; the government and municipal authorities of the provinces contribute to the creation of conditions for occupation as a great sport, and “small” non-professional.

In schools physical education is one of the most important subjects. In this country, get out of the car on the Bicycle not so much because of the environmental how to support their own health. This feasibility already considered comfortable in many ways, cyclists can move along the special bike lanes, which in Finland is widespread. Even in sports preferences pragmatic neighbor to the North sees sense. Almost the same analogy became popular fitness trend hydrospanner and other Wellness classes in the SPA-centers.

Multi-sports structures are SPA-centers that can accommodate a gym, swimming pool, saunas and a café. Speaking of the pool it should be noted that in Finland it’s not just a few water paths, but a large jumping area, Jacuzzi with hydromassage showers and mandatory children’s pool. Water therapy promotes healing and rehabilitation, but the relaxation with hydromassage is not the most popular activity.

A new fitness trend called hydromining. This training session with high effect on the conduct installed under water exercise bikes; due to the high efficiency and effectiveness it has gained great popularity in Finland. And for good reason: features water resistance when you exercise, allow you to use different muscle groups, reducing stress on the joints, develops stamina, with minimal risk to the cardiovascular system, increases immunity to colds and allergic reactions. And the cooling effect of water makes a health lesson as comfortable as possible even for elderly people.

With all this commercial notes in health institutions is almost not felt. There is nothing superfluous in the interior of the premises, reasonable prices, the absence of any imposed on services, for example, the annual subscription. Those who need special, fun training atmosphere that are important “status” and bright original interior and best location, have the opportunity to visit the “fashion” sports clubs.

The phenomenon of exercise for the elderly (Senioriliikunta) in Russia is just developing, while our Northern neighbor has already accumulated many years of experience of engaging in sport of people of retirement age, we developed several special programs gentle loads. The range of activities is impressive: ranging from strength training, exercise, balance, Pilates, stretching, water aerobics and ending with dance fitness classes in the dynamic rhythm of Zumba®, which is recognized by the world community as sports entertainment of the XXI century.

In addition, physical exercises within the four walls of the room or the pool, there is an alternative in the form of movement in the fresh air. If weather conditions permit, procedures such as Nordic walking (Nordic walking), stretching, yoga, shows for children and adults of nearly all ages.

Therefore, looking at the representatives of the Finnish nation, understand that people have problems with health arise not only because of bad habits, but, more importantly, from physical inactivity. While the Finnish example in the area of maintenance and preservation of health through regular, including Spa treatments, noteworthy, and many in Russia already follow him.

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