What is interesting about Cuba?

Anyway, if you dance or want to see how the local dance (a look at what is), don’t waste your time, dance in Havana. A kind of extreme during the tour to Cuba can meet in the evening, when in some areas off the electricity. Entire streets and neighborhoods plunged into darkness. But to walk there, as stated already visited Cuba, is perfectly safe.

Cuba is a country with a unique culture. The construction of socialism and poverty in a strange way combines with the resorts of international level and General fun. Wake up here to the singing of roosters, look to the streets, hung with posters of “We feel fine”, and taste the fresh juice of sugar cane, and rejoice life together with the inhabitants of the island. Call a horse with a cart instead of a taxi, and soon on the tour. After all, will look at that!

Aren’t you curious to climb the 44-meter tower to oversee the slaves, walk through the city-maze? Visit to the crocodile nursery with an inscription on the gate “Farming crocodiles — the idea of revolution” to feed its inhabitants, and then to eat fresh crocodile meat? Did not want to be in the 50-ies, he saw on the streets of the “Volga” and “Lada”? To visit the “Soviet” stores, where products are issued on the cards? And to go to the Museum of literacy, and chopped cane, together with the Cubans to enjoy the black sand beach, go to the world’s only Museum of history of piracy… And then, of course, to leave time for sunbathing on the French river Bank and swimming.

We can safely say that Cuba is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving. This has a shelf the size of a decent continent, a great variety of coral reefs and islets. Great visibility you will ensure the absence of strong currents.

During the holidays you can just swim with a snorkel and mask and enjoy a night deep dive to observe the bizarre coral reefs, mysterious sunken ships, caves, tunnels, vertical walls and many others. At depth you will meet turtles, sharks, swordfish, blue Marlin.

Particularly attracted to marine Park and underwater cave at the bottom of which lie the missile boat, a plane and a frigate with awesome guns on the deck. Flooded they’re on purpose. In addition, these shores at different times occurred about 5000 of these shipwrecks. So that the material for review.

Many people go to Cuba not only for the long-awaited vacation, but also to cure many diseases, serious and not. The island is famous for the modern medical and SPA programs. Make them individually for each patient. Here the latest technology combined with a favorable climate, unique nature and atmosphere can work wonders. It uses the latest development gistoplazmoze therapy for the treatment of severe and sometimes incurable diseases.

Enjoy your travels and unforgettable impressions!

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