What is tequila?

So, tequila. The Pride Of Mexico. The drink, often called the Mexican currency, is surrounded by many legends. 10-15 years ago it was a real exotic for our fellow citizens. Today tequila can already be found on the shelves of Russian stores and there are even clubs of fans of this drink.

Real tequila is the same as real champagne, cognac and Tokay. In 1996, the EEC has officially recognized her Mexican national of strong alcoholic drink (the fortress is 38-40 degrees), and now the “tequila” can only be called the drink, which is produced in Mexico and has the inscription “Hecho en Mexico”. For the manufacture of watches specially created oversight Board.

The story of this beverage began in the early seventeenth century, when a certain don Pedro Sanchez de TAGLE founded the first factory of tequila. The drink quickly became popular, and the government even introduced a special tax on the sale of a new product. In the next century, tequila was exported over the border of Mexico, and its production was under the personal control of the Spanish king. The first who got the license to produce tequila, was don Jose Antonio de CUERVO. Brand, he was released, Jose Cuervo has not lost its popularity in our days.

The beginning of the XIX century, when the Mexicans fought for their independence, and then fought with the United States, became the Golden time for tequila, performing the role of a currency. At the end of the same century, the Mexicans were able to export the drink to Europe. And in 1968, after Mexico city hosted the Olympics, tequila gained international recognition and since then its popularity is only growing.

Tequila is produced from blue agave. Externally, the plant resembles a pineapple from where a two-meter stick leaves-needles. The life of the agave plant takes 8-12 years, and can weigh up to 70, and even 90 lbs. Of one fruit get up to 10-12 liters of tequila. From the core of squeeze juice, pour it for fermentation in special vats and double distilled. After aging in oak barrels, the tequila is ready to drink.

Depending on the aging tequila is divided into four types. Blanco (white unseasoned) is bottled immediately or within one month after production. “Gold” tequila joven is the result of the addition of caramel, which imparts color, taste and aroma of aged drink. Reposado — aged from 2 to 11 months in large oak vats. And finally, the anejo is aged in barrels from one year to five years.

How to consume this drink? There are several ways. One of the variants emerged in a time when Mexico fought the flu epidemic and missing medication replaced tequila with salt and lime. On the back of your hand put a little salt, cut a slice of lime (in a pinch, lemon) and take a few SIPS of drink. Licked a few grains of salt, I did SIP, ate all the lemon — and you can consider yourself a real Mexican.

The following method is called “tequila-boom”: a tall glass 2/3 filled with tequila then topped with Schweppes or other carbonated beverage, is served by palm, and sharply hits the knee. Drink immediately until opal foam.Tequila is part of one of the most popular cocktails in the world — margaritas. The edge of the glass rubbed with lemon dipped in salt, and only after that a glass filled with cocktail.

Mexicans often drink tequila with sangrita — a mixture of tomato and lemon juices with the addition of hot peppers. In addition, using tequila as an additive to soft drinks — tea or coffee.

Now we have removed the existing knowledge gap about tequila, but drinking this drink or not — you decide. Have a nice feast!

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