What kind of sport you can say “ice pool”, “ice chess” and “ice poker” at the same time?

Birth it is considered to be the year 1511. Such a precise date for the middle ages is due to its unique archaeological finds made in Scotland. There near the lake was found a stone, the purpose of which was unmistakable, he had served just for this game. On the stone were carved the figures 1511. Scotland game is bound and its name. In 1738 was the first officially registered club of fans of this sport (I think it was not a sport, but so fun) and since then it has evolved in a civilized framework.

Here the player is required not only muscle strength, accuracy and power of throws, but the presence of strategic thinking. “Billiards, the sport compare the precision of the strikes, with chess on the speed of evaluating the position and make the right decisions, and with the poker — unimaginable excitement.” And indeed when just looking captures, there is excitement, and when you play, you can imagine what its like for the players! Even when viewing positive emotions is guaranteed!

The resettlement of inhabitants of the Old world to the American continent resulted in the penetration of the sport in Canada. In a country with a harsh climate, and he quickly became a national sport. However, in many European countries also managed to appreciate the beauty blowing on the ice 20-pound stones, and today there are 46 national federations. Of all the sports represented at the winter Olympics, he, along with snowboarding, is the youngest, he was only 10 years. Today, the game on the ice is common in many countries, even in snowless such as Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

XVIII—XIX centuriesof ecah he became a lesson for real gentlemen. This game sure has its own code of honor. It athletes strive to win, but in a fair fight. For the true better player to lose the “ice battle” than to win dishonestly. The athletes behave politely pointed out, in any case not rejoicing if it misses the opponent and openly smiling at his own luck. If the athletes were unwittingly violated the rules of the game, they are the first to acknowledge the error.

The spirit of the game implies the solidarity of the players, team play, benevolence and noble behavior. The perfect family sport. Open, democratic, accessible to everyone. It can be just corporate entertainment. Beginners are often lucky and the loser traditionally invited to the bar.

In Russia, for the General public it still remains an exotic stranger. Maloprimetny and the mysterious Russian soul, it largely remains the lot of a narrow layer, bringing just over 2000 people. Nevertheless, over the last several years this game in Russia tried already about ten thousand people.

What is this mysterious, ancient, aristocratic, intellectual sport? This Curling! Curling (eng. curling, from sotl. curr — rumble, rumble) — a team sports game on an ice platform. Participants of two commands serially start up on ice special heavy granite shells (“stones”) in the direction marked on the ice target.

Originally, the game used normal rocks, but in the eighteenth century British soldiers “optimized” the stones, giving them a view of what they have now: a 20-pound granite stones round shape with handle. Over time, the game has transformed, changed and developed rules.

To date achievements of the Russian athletes in Curling — the silver and gold of our national teams. Curling in Russia is participation in the Olympic games 2002 and 2006 in salt lake city and Turin; 5th place women’s team Russia at the Olympics in Turin. The “gold” of the women’s team at the European Championship-2006. Silver women’s team at the world University games-2007. “Gold” women’s Junior national team at the world Cup. Silver men’s national team on continental superiority. Diamond throws the Russian athletes (according to Swiss newspaper). Olympic reserve and the hope of Russia at the 2010 Olympics. Ah Yes, Russia! There is no such sport which will not yield (football talking).

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