What to do after a date?

These and many other questions begin to climb in the head. In fact, these questions come to mind for many women, going on a date, be it first or tenth.

Well, what can I say in this situation? First, tune in to a favorable outcome of Your meeting, tune in to a good positive wave. Imagine that You are a beautiful, wonderful, sexy. You just can’t please a man! Imagine that You are a self-sufficient person, self-confident. Mentally repeat to myself that. And finally, believe that You such what are.

Don’t be afraid when you meet a man of sounding stupid, inept, ugly and so on. You are what You eat. You have to value yourself and love just like that. Because the man subconsciously feels bad when women evaluate themselves.

If, say, You think to yourself: “Oh, that fat cow!” unconsciously, it turns out, You already are. That is, when You have any kind of drooping, slack-jawed look. Behavior it felt. And man, even unknowingly, may he You not said, but he also feels. And for those moments didn’t happen, just start to love yourself for who You are. And do not focus their attention on these points. You have to appreciate who You are.

A man loves a cheerful, happy women. And if Your entire species radiates joy and self-sufficiency, the man, too, will feel and behave accordingly with You. No need to shade when communicating with a man.

First of all, do not be afraid of men because these are the same creatures as we are. Just have a little different thinking, a different mindset. But still, overall, they have no fear.

If You too afraid to meet with a man, it helps the following. Before speaking, think that the worst will happen if Your meeting fails? Probably the worst thing is, if You just chat and disperse in different directions to never see each other again. All! Nothing is more dysfunctional is not going to happen.

So tune in for good, try to enjoy life. Try to show yourself the man with the best hand, but it is not necessary kasasa better than You are. Talk about yourself the truth, do not lie. Because a lie again felt, and its easy to check.

But if You are sincere, be yourself, Your meeting will be really great. Therefore, the most important thing in this situation is a positive attitude, self-esteem and faith in a successful outcome of a good date. To date, the meeting is not tushuytes, and everything will be fine.

Good luck to You, dear women and girls!

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