What to write on a Board

But our traffic police so far about it knows nothing, and our scoreboard writes all sorts of nonsense about speed mode or a special operation to fight children, buses and pedestrians.But time and so we have a scoreboard already there, maybe they adapt to the business? Experts have found that the information on the light Board, installed on the mainline, about what happened ahead of the accident reduces the number of accidents by 44%, and the warning fog – 84%. So, maybe, to find one stupid policeman, which will in the event of an accident your finger across the keyboard to display information not about the struggle with children and buses, and about what happened ahead of the accident?Europeans are different from us social responsibility. When they wanted to move on to cars with catalytic converters and therefore more safe for nature exhausts appeals to the conscience has proved to be extremely effective.So, for example, statistical evidence that the amount of harmful emissions of the car an aggressive driver is 5 times more than those who prefer a quiet, uniform movement, cause they have a keen interest. In our country this information is perceived as a curiosity.

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