What you need to do to please yourself in the morning?

However, in the evening, valyas feet from fatigue, do not always help the face to prepare for bed. But it is not just day to day struggling with all the troubles surrounding atmosphere — wind, frost, UV rays, but also at night.

According to studies, from eight to ten in the evening, our body is configured to remove toxins, so it is best at this time to go to the sauna, take a steam bath. And then, when the skin is well cleansed, it is necessary to use a nourishing night cream. We can help our skin to renew, and using anti-aging creams. The result will make us happy, and in the morning not will need to carefully mask the treacherous wrinkles appearing prematurely in large quantities.

Sometimes we go to parties late, drinks too much fluid or dinner meats, and in the morning we will have a nasty surprise — the bags under the eyes, puffiness of face. To feel comfortable, without headaches and with a healthy blush on the face,it is necessary to remember simple rules:

— Drunk on the night of the liquid does not appear all of the body, so an hour before sleep it is better not to drink. We can make a cleansing mask, if you are not able to go to the sauna. — Remove makeup from the face definitely a cosmetic milk. — Wipe the skin a refreshing tonic. — If you are not well to clean the skin before applying the cream at night, we run the risk to Wake up in the morning with a scattering of spots, as remnants of the powder from the bacteria that gets on your skin during the day can cause inflammation.

When selecting creams (both day and night) you should consult a beautician, and he will select the perfect option for your kind of skin.

To use the same cream day and night, because these creams perform different tasks. Day cream protects the skin and night helps to restore vitality, to recover. By the way, night creams contain serum, which disappears in the daylight, so to help in the daytime, they will not.

Regardless of whether we sleep at night (possible night work, and temporary jet lag), our body is adjusted to permanent jet lag, therefore, working at night, use a night cream.

And we don’t skimp when choosing cream cheap cream will never be good, as it consists of many complex components. This composition allows you to perform the cream lots of functions: to nourish the skin with vitamins, moisturize and maintain the process of recovery of the cells.For different ages, we choose different creams: up to thirty years — with a deep, moisturizing effect, and if our age smoothly into “Balzac”, with a deep regenerating effect.

When buying a cream pay attention to the ingredients, select containing retinol and multivitamin in the morning then the skin will not look tired.

Another important rule is to sleep! Bath with scented oil with a calming effect before bedtime and a light sedative (if necessary!) help us to look amazing in the morning.

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