When the world smiles?

…They met because She was cold, and He needed warm. She was lonely, and He didn’t want to be alone. Finally, She dreamed about the height, He wanted a simple earthly happiness. So different, but so similar. And They want to fly.

Why do you think They’re together?

A clear answer, as usual, no. But let’s think. After all, this story is the story of many. It always starts, seemed to be eternal love. But how long the world will smile again, it depends on love… or maybe something else? Or someone?

The lives of many people shows that the conversation is still about anyone and about anything but that. A different kind of love, everyday life, difference of characters, it’s just an excuse to justify his weakness. Yes, Yes, weakness. Because the real decision to be together, is the sincere desire of souls, never to leave. And only deafness and blindness in the future, make the weakness stronger.

In loving, we become weaker. Not in relation to the surrounding world. In front of him that’s just, we are practically invulnerable. We are weakening relative to each other. Too we trust, dissolve in love and in the end, completely forget about yourself. It would seem that everything is correct. It’s love.

BUT! Not so after we met, not at his own reflection fell in love with each other. For individuality, for different inner world and the mysterious spiritual beauty. Remember how it all began. Was He, She, and they together. We Have Become.And with that, We, the world ceases to smile. It again cold, alien and distant. It seems to us that deceived us. That this is not what, there is no need and not necessary.

…And again they are, but the other was found. Because she was cold again, and he again needed warm. She’s single again, and he doesn’t want to be alone. Finally, it seems that she dreams about height. He fell, and wants a simple earthly happiness. So different, but so similar.

Do you think now they’ll be together long?

And as always, there is no single answer. Now all depends on how improved vision, and how well we hear. If we at least realized that for too long has built his “city of the deaf”, this is to extend the so-called love. If we are not just understood, and understood his experience, love will last a little longer. And only if we on top of that took my past, maybe the happiness will last our entire lives.

Why only possible? Is it not possible to say for certain. Fortunately, no. In our lives, and it is very good, nothing to say. Always remains the same one percent of one hundred, which in a moment can turn life on 190 degrees. Good or bad? You Decide. However, prompt, good. The only condition is, love and trust in the world. Remember? He only gives You his smile.

.So, when the world smiles? When we love each other without a trace? Not at all. He’s happy just when we love ourselves. Without it, the love for another lie. And the world, as we know, abhors a falsehood.

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