Where can you see the beaver?

Our house is located near the bed of the forest almost fairy river. The vegetable gardens in the stands on the outskirts of a small, godforsaken village as it is not stuck. A few old-timers, and we settled here recently, busy the entire summer season who is fishing, who is hunting. Our ladies are out of the woods berries and mushrooms. I almost all the time, be there, spend on the banks of the river. And lead me to the water not only the love of fishing, and the simple desire to be alone after a noisy, dusty city. Talking about herds of wild deer and numerous family of grunting wild boars will not. Not seen. Vipers in the spring, the number of countless. It’s true. Swamp circle. The mosquitoes in full force, from a mosquito to a hornet, adds harmony in local places.

And the beavers. Beavers, which I did not see there never. Not seen. Their burrows are only visible in a drought, or when flush on the dam. Flood the spring with their families kicking them out of underground homes. And they sit along the beach — bums for a while. Say…

And I remember such a case. We lived on one of the many Islands of lake Seliger. Housing our canvas stood at the back of a small Bay. It was saved from the waves and wind, which often raged on reaches. But we lived there not alone. Everywhere were visible traces of these toothy workaholics. In the evenings, almost at the same time, I cleaning caught per day fish began to notice that as the sun approached the horizon, on the right side of me — the smooth, something loud fell in the water. And after some time, about a hundred meters from the shore, you could see this “flop”, but floating in the water. Trying several times to catch up with him to see closer, I received in response to the curiosity a powerful blow to the back of the fin, the ripples and disappointment from the failed attempts. One of my friend told me that he had seen this monster is very close. It was once, when he tied on poles the boat while trying to drink vodka, fish and sleep. But about the fact that he saw a beaver, I’m Pasha I believe. Can’t lie man, that is so good at singing the song — “Eyes brown and yellow shoes / lighted in my soul a flaming fire”. Well, it’s the lyrics all.

Walking along the shore, I suddenly realized that I was standing on the beaver Lodge, about which they read in books. And he looked so. From the slope go to objectto intertwined aspen twigs, a length of meter three, resembling cooked to the ignition of the fire. In me suddenly woke up the boy and I, that was dope, jumped on the tent. — Come on, — I say — cowards!!! And, lo and behold, this machine rumble downstairs and jumped in the water. And he could see the reeds moving, flowing under water powerful beaver body.

So that Greenpeace can sleep peacefully. There are still places on earth where these creatures feel at home. Have the audacity to settle in close proximity to law-abiding, non-drinking tourists. Damage trees of valuable breeds and that is not excluded, — and even multiply.

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