Who are ecosexual? Life according to strict rules

It is believed that the beginning of a new movement put the film “planet Earth” al Gore, Nobel peace prize 2007. For those who have not watched, I will say that the picture was devoted to the problems of global warming, excessive amount of household wastes and environmental pollution. In fact, it was not the first and not the last film on this topic, but for some reason it stirred the public in the first place struck a chord stars of show business, which in droves have rushed to protect nature.

Life according to strict rules…

The main distinction of the environmental campaigners is that they don’t just organize rallies or actions to protect animals or melting ice, and lead a certain lifestyle, the so-called LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability) is a lifestyle dedicated to health and care about the environment. The followers of LOHAS two global goals: to preserve the ecology of our planet and make your own life more right, healthy, and “clean”.

In order to adhere to this style, real ecosexual live (or at least should live) according to strict rules. The main one is the rule R3 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — reducing, reusing, recycling). In everyday life it is expressed in the reduction of water consumption in the home, re-use, for example, cartons or towels in the hotels and the obligatory delivery of waste for recycling.

The following important rule applies to food. Ecosexual have to eat organic products whose production preserves the environment, although not required to be a vegetarian. But many of the “new green” and they become even go further: stick to the principles of veganism. That is, do not accept any violence against animals and consumer attitudes.

Vegans don’t eat no meat, no eggs, no dairy products, no honey. They also don’t wear clothes made of materials of animal origin (leather, wool, fur, silk), do not use cosmetics and medicines tested on animals. Among the stars this way of life are Paul McCartney, Bryan Adams, Gwyneth Paltrow’s, Alicia Silverstone, Michael Jackson, Steven Seagal, Pamela Anderson.

But why conducting such an ascetic way of life, they call themselves ecosexuals? The author of the name of the movement can be considered an active fighter for the environment — the leader of group U2 Bono, who in an interview said: “to Be “green” today is not just fashionable, and terribly sexy!”

Star deeds — good deeds…

But the phrase became the motto of the movement, not only Bono contribution to the common cause. He was one of the first to release its own line of t-shirts made from organic cotton. Even despite the rather high (around $ 100) price, they instantly became popular in America and abroad. By the way, most of the revenue the singer spends on aid to children living in ecologically unfavorable regions.

The idea, Bono picked up on the fly. Gisele bündchen decided to make beach shoes, proceeds from sales of which go to saving the rainforests of the Amazon and the local tribes. The off that pet shop Dame with experience, designer Stella McCartney, has long been boycotting fur or leather in her collections, has created a beauty lineSaga by Stella McCartney, all the products which are of natural origin. The wife of Bono, Ali Hewson, also began to produce econometica Nude. Moreover, all of the packaging for this line is made only from recycled plastic.

To be continued…

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