Who get rid of “back pain”? A little personal experience

Back pain is familiar to me from twenty years. Acute attacks of sciatica (presumably a herniated disk) — about thirty. Perceived they are quite philosophically, and occurred infrequently. Once, max twice a year. Treatment consisted in a couple of weeks on sick leave, anti-inflammatory and warming means. And theoretically, alone, which I never did. Really sharp pain prodvigaetsya, but that is possible… I Think it helped to recover quickly enough. Feasible training reduced the pain, and next day worse did not become.

But excessive rest… get up in the Morning with difficulty, forced himself to move a little — decrease pain and stiffness. By the way, so it was with injuries of the joints. And the reason most injuries of joints andback pain — the same. But more on that later.

Most “consumer treatment” the doctors recommended:

— to avoid cooling; — rest in the supine position; — anti-inflammatory drugs; — local pain; — heat ointments; — physiotherapy; — massage; — physical therapy; orthopedic belt.

In the opinion of the majority, it is not too effective. Often just ineffective… of Course, beyond criticism “neurologists from clinics” forum and recommend alternative methods and alternative physicians.

A few years ago my cousin came down with severe pain in the lower back. After unsuccessful “treatment” in the clinic we are also looking for an alternative. Read the reviews and recommendations. “Back pain” cured many, just choose! The problem was complicated by several factors:

The need to relieve acute pain (the effect was only given injections of painkillers), strength to endure which was not. This is not promised… And simply were not taken, recommending to wait for pain reduction.

Judging and according to the doctors and reviews of patients, at least some confidence in the effectiveness of treatment could not be in principle.

Most often, treatment combines physical therapy and physical therapy. Standard — about 15 sessions. The ineffectiveness of the repeated course and more…

Always the treatment is long, not so cheap, payment by result no. You can understand the doctor not wanting to waste time and forces in vain. But understand patient! In case money is not sorry. But we are not so rich to pay serious money without getting anything! And the probability of paying a fairly long period of treatment, face the need to look for another doctor, is very high. Let me remind you: the main problem was then acute pain. Of course, remove the injection formation but after two weeks, we risked to stay at not very useful painkillers for some time. The shot was missing for a few hours…

To avoid mistakes, inevitably had an understanding of the methods of treatment. The story is disappointing and puzzling!

To treat offered not only different, but often opposite methods. Relatively speaking, one treated with heat, the other cold (by the way, is not only an analogy, thermoproteus really use). And with an equal share of performance: received and not received relief almost equally. Plus some percentage of those whose condition worsened. This ratio is approximately the same for different operating successfully at “copyright procedures” of the medical centers.

And was not generally accepted concept of treatment! Although it seems there is a more or less unified view on the causes and mechanisms of occurrence of “back pain” in General and intervertebral discs in particular. But how to treat…

Above, I listed the methods recommended by the “official” doctors. My relative (diagnosed with a herniated disc in the lumbar) of relief they did not bring the slightest. No alternative was not offered to us. By the way, have a relative this happened for the first time and I have sciatica sharpened about once a year. However, not so much. The same treatment: rest, ointments, warming and anti-inflammatory, physical therapy. With the same effect…

The alternative was “radical” surgery. But… Thanks to a longtime fascination with the sport, we were a little aware of the consequences of such treatment. And seriously it had not considered leaving in the most extreme case.

Often recommended massage effect is not allowed. The attitude towards manual therapy was watchful, and did not take none of the patient with acute pain. In the end, honestly “treated” for two weeks, we went right to the chiropractor. The selection was still small. First of all required the doctor who takes patients with acute pain. Preferably, the host is not in the opposite part of Moscow where we would not have made it.

We were lucky. Of course, we tried to obtain maximum information. A description of the method was in-Network, and acute pain therapist promised to try, with high probability, to remove. In response to our observation that no one is taken to work in the period of exacerbation, it was said that in a couple of weeks the pain surely held herself. And then without the doctors we can do this!

Fortunately, the doctor to adequately assess their strength. The first show we brought to the office a patient came in with my help on one foot (for a second it was impossible to occur due to lesions of the sciatic nerve). Home we with difficulty, but went on the tram… And the next session two weeks later got a limp, but without much discomfort. Two weeks — mild lameness and the third session, “to secure”. The treatment added a short set of exercises.

By the way, LFK ordered the district neurologist. And well trained the patient for thirty were in the group, consisting mostly of ladies… older age, with different problems. Did everything the same, the doctor demanded compulsory attendance. This from a man who could move around the apartment with difficulty and screaming in pain! No individual recommendations from the doctor of physical therapy is not given. Patience for a week…

But my faith in the power of PE has been confirmed, when a completely different person for a couple of weeks of classes helped meto get rid of lower back pain, and chronic, long-term.

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