Who killed the famous “Toffee”: the husband found the true culprit

Husband Soviet circus artist and clown Irina Asmus found involved in her death and disagreed with the court verdict.

March 15, 1986 in the eyes of the spectators killed a famous clown and host of the program “Abvgdeyka” Irina Asmus, which was called Toffee.

Circus artist rose up to the dome on the neck loop with the “sunnycom” in your mouth. She slipped a leg into the loop, which is fixed on the machine rotating, unfastened insurance, started to spin and… fell off a 12-meter height.

Taffy was immediately taken away from the arena, the performance continued as if nothing had happened. The star of “Abvgdejka” died on the spot.

After the death of Kim was a criminal case.

Mikhail Sychev with his wife Irina Asmus / the personal archive of Mikhail Sychev

Mikhail Sychev with his wife Irina Asmus / the personal archive of Mikhail Sychev

Of the verdict: “the Death of the actress contributed to the negligent performance of their duties by the officials of the circus revealed no gross discrepancy apparatus technical passport”. Both defendants pleaded not guilty. According to them, the mechanism did not cause fear, so experience it did not make sense.

Husband artist Michael Sychev was not on the court. After her death he conducted its own investigation. And found guilty in the death of Toffee.

– Jireh helped a young man who later admitted to me that you like the best: harder to fix the nut that held the design – said Sychev. – With the best of intentions dismantled the host machine rotation for cleaning. His mistake was that when he was making the bolt too flattened edges of a nut. It only weakened the structure. The nut is gradually unwound. If someone had looked at this machine the rotation…

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